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Friends To The End
Episode #225>
Ash is moping around in his cabin room, upset about his loss to Ritchie in the Pokemon League. Misty and Brock decide its a good idea to bring Ash back to the stadium to cheer Ritchie on in the sixth round. But Ritchie loses, and he is out of the competition as well. Outside of the stadium, Ash meets up with Ritchie and tells him he feels sorry Ritchie didn't win. Ritchie doesn't let the loss get him down though, and tells Ash he learns from every match, and he is more determined that ever to win next time. Ash sees how well Ritchie takes the loss and realizes he's been acting like a baby. Team Rocket suddenly pops up again, and grabs both their Pikachu. Ash and Ritchie quickly send Team Rocket blasting off with the help of Pigeotto and Happy. At the closing ceremonies, Ash and Ritchie get special Badges for competing in the league, and everyone enjoys a huge fireworks show. As the ceremonies end, Ritchie says goodbye and heads on his own way, while Ash rejoins with Brock, Misty, Delia and Oak and heads back home to Pallet Town.

Quotable Quotes
"We've struck out so far, but here's our chance to sink a touchdown!" ~Meowth

Who's That Pokemon?: Fearow!
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