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Pokemon Scent-sation!

Episode #125>
Ash and the others have finally reached Celadon City. Ash wants to go to the Gym and win another Badge, but Brock, Pikachu and Misty head to a perfume shop instead. Ash tries to drag Misty away, saying perfume is a waste of money. The store owner overhears him, and tosses him out. Ash heads to the gym himself, but once he gets there, he finds he's been barred from the Gym after what he said about the perfume, the same perfume the gym manufactures. Meanwhile, Team Rocket tries to break into the gym to steal the secret perfume formula, but they are quickly caught and tossed out. Ash and Team Rocket run into each other outside the gym, and they come up with a plan to get Ash inside. They dress Ash up as a girl and disguse themselves as his parents. Team Rocket brings "Ashley" into the gym and registers him for a gym battle. As Ash goes to see Erika, the gym leader, Team Rocket slips away to steal the formula. When Ash is introduced to Erika, he finds out she's the owner of the perfume store! Even worse, she is giving a lecture, and Brock, Misty and Pikachu are there! Erika tells the story of how she met her Gloom, and that Gloom wouldn't give off a horrible stench if it trusts someone. Misty mentions that she wishes Ash had heard the story, then absent-mindedly, he says he did. He catches himself, but too late, Pikachu thundershocks him and his disguse falls off. Ash then confronts Erika and challenges her to a battle. She agrees and they go into the arena. Ash defeats Erika's Tangela and Weepinbell, but her Gloom's smelly powder keeps Ash's Pokemon at bay. Just as Pikachu jumps into battle, Team Rocket bursts in and announces they have stolen the formula and are going to blow up the Gym. However, the bomb backfires and they are sent blasting off again! The Gym is caught on fire and everyone evacuates, but Erika's Gloom is lost in the confusion. Ash runs into the burning Gym to find it. Ash is worried about the stench Gloom gives off, but quickly finds that Gloom trusts him and doesn't give off a bad smell. Ash carries Gloom out of the Gym and the fire is put out. Erika gladly gives Ash the Rainbow Badge for saving her Gloom.

Quotable Quotes
Missing Nose
Meowth: "My nose feels like it's on fire!"
Jessie: "Meowth, you don't have a nose!"
Meowth: "My nose! What happened?! The stink dissolved it off my face!... Oh yeah, I almost forgot! The cartoonist never gave me a nose!"

Did You Notice?...
As Team Rocket flies off, Jessie and James smack Meowth with paper fans.

Who's That Pokemon?: Gloom!
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