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Pokemon Shipwreck

Episode #116>
Ash, Pikachu and the others awaken to discover that they are still aboard the now sunken St. Anne. As they try to find a way out, Team Rocket also wakes up. Jessie tries to escape by having Ekans use Acid to burn a hole in the floor, but that just makes more water come in. Higher up, Misty suggests that they use Goldeen as a scout to see if there is a path out under the water. Goldeen dives in, and finds a way out blocked, but also finds Team Rocket on the verge of drowning. Goldeen brings back Team Rocket, who almost immediately attempt to catch Pikachu. Rocket, Ash and Brock begin to battle, but the fight begins to shake the ship, which is perched perilously above an underwater canyon! Misty convinces them the call a truce until they can escape. Misty tells them her plan, because the ship is upside down, they should head upward to the bottom of the ship, to the engine room, where the hull is the thinnest, then cut a hole and swim out. Navigating through darkened hallways and past a roaring fire, the group and Team Rocket finally reach the engine room. Charmander burns a hole through the hull, and water pours in. Ash, Brock, Misty and Pikachu escape by tying themselves to Squirtle, Goldeen and Starmie, but Team Rocket is left behind with only Magikarp as their own water Pokémon. Somehow, Magikarp saves Team Rocket, and Ash and his friends pull them aboard a makeshift raft. As time drifts by, they begin to get hungry and even try to eat Magikarp, only to find that it's all skin and bones. Angered that his fish isn't even good for eating, James kicks it off the raft. Big mistake. Magikarp evolves into Gyarados, a really mad Gyarados. Gyarados uses Dragon Rage and sucks everyone up into a water cyclone, sending them flying off to who knows where!

Quotable Quotes
"I hate water, especially wet water!" ~Meowth, as water pours into the sunken ship.
Beautiful Minds
James: "Jessica?"
Jessie: "Yes James?
James: "Whoever said 'Beauty doesn't last' must've been thinking of us."
Jessie: "I'll always remember what a wonderful dresser you were!"
James: "So will I!"

Did You Notice?...
"Filed, Fried, Marinated and Flambed"; the different ways the group imagines cooking Magikarp.
The number on the police boat is PM16, which was also the number of the episode

This episode is the only episode where the title isn't spoken.
The first and only time James calls Jessie "Jessica".
The entire scenrio, trapped underwater in a capsized boat, is reminicent of the movie "The Poseidon Adventure".
Who's That Pokémon?: Magikarp!
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