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Age: 12
Height: 5' 3"
Eyes: Green
Hair: Orange
Japanese Name: Kasumi
Voice: Rachael Lillis
Misty is a Water Pokémon Trainer and has a very short fuse. It is not unlike her to pound Ash or anyone else when she's annoyed. She met Ash when he stole and destroyed her bike. Misty is almost as hotheaded as Ash in battle, and she gets irritated very easily, which often results in Ash or Brock getting hurt. Unlike Ash, Misty isn't competing for badges; In fact, she is one of the Cerulean City Gym Leaders. She and Ash battled each other when Ash came to Cerulean Gym, and each found out the other was an excellent trainer. Though Misty insists she's following Ash only so he'll pay her back for her broken bike, she obviously feels responsible for taking care of Ash, but would never tell him that. Instead, she will put Ash down for his lack of battle skills. 
Misty is fond of all her Pokémon, except the lumbering Psyduck, who pops out of its Poke-Ball at the most inappropriate time, usually during a battle. Her most precious Pokémon, Togepi, really belongs to Ash, but it prefers Misty instead, because she was the first thing it saw when it hatched. Oh, and Misty really, really, really, really hates Bug Type Pokemon.
Pokémon Caught So Far:
Starmie, Staryu, Goldeen, Horsea, Psyduck, Togepi, Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Corsola
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