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Age: ??
Height: 1' 4"
Eyes: Black
Hair: Tan
Japanese Name: Nyase
Voice: Adam Blaustien
Meowth is the mascot of Jessie and James's small team. Meowth used to be the pet of Rocket leader Giovanni, but was demoted in favor of a Persian. Meowth is one of the few Pokémon that can speak; he learned to speak to impress a female Meowth. Meowth seems to have a soft side, as evidenced by the way he cared over Togepi before it hatched. Meowth hardly goes into battle, but when he does, he usually fails. Meowth is the real brains behind the small group, coming up with complex plans to kidnap Pikachu, but he is always the one who gets pummeled whenever he gets on either Jessie or James's nerves. Despite their constant arguing, the team always sticks together and are the best of friends.
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