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The Cable Club is the place to go when you want to link up with another GameBoy. Cable Clubs are found in the Pokémon Centers. You'll want to do this for two reasons, to fight and to trade. When you fight, you can take on your friend and see who is the best.
Here's how to get into battle:
1. Insert the Game Link into both Gameboys and turn them on at the same time.
2. Go to any Pokémon Center and face the lady behind the counter near the PC.
3. Both players must speak to the lady at the same time.
4. You must save the game before entering into the center.
5. Select "Coliseum".
6. Once inside, go to the center table, opposite your opponent and face your opponent.
7. Press A to start fighting!

Another reason to link up is to trade, and if you want to collect all 150 Pokémon, you'll need to do some serious dealing. Most Pokémon will evolve faster when traded (though they tend to be weaker), and some Pokémon will evolve only if you trade it to another Game Pak.  If you want to trade Pokémon, you will perform the same steps as fighting, except choose "Trading Room" in step 5. 

There are also two versions of the game, a Red Version and a Blue Version. While both games are identical, one Pokémon that is very common in one version may be rare in the other. The versions will even have monsters exclusive to that version, meaning a monster you find in the Red Version may not be found in the Blue. If your friend has the other version, you can work together to collect all the Pokémon! Some hard-core gamers may even consider buying both versions!

Another design, you'll notice the addition of a side bar to the left. This was a cool addition, and it made the site easier to navigate, but sometimes the table took a while to load on a slow browser. The color schemes were anything but universal. Each page had a different color theme; either red, blue, yellow or green. I thought it was cool back then, but as I look back, it was probably distracting to look at.