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The Lost DVD Set?
Around August 2001, Pioneer announced that the Orange Island episodes were finally coming to DVD. Not just any DVD, but a cool, four-disc set that contained all 36 episodes, from Pallet Party Panic to The Rivalry Revival. This was welcome news for many fans, as the Orange League series, though short, was loved by Poke-enthusiasts, as it was the only series not based on the video games, new, popular characters were introduced, episodes were more original, and Team Rocket got a bigger share of the spotlight. The Orange Island series was skipped over during the normal run of videos, as Pioneer skipped straight from the Indigo series to the Johto series, most likely to take advantage of the newly released Gold and Silver games.
The set was available for pre-order on many online sites, such as, with a set release date in late November 2001. November came... and went with no DVD set in sight. Now with a release date of "To Be Announced", the DVD set is in danger of never being released.
But there is something you can do! Go to Pioneer's website and send them an e-mail, or better yet, send them a handwritten letter (which are always more effective than e-mails). Or, if you're really lazy, you can sign this on-line petition. Ask them (politely) to release the Orange Island DVD set, and remind them that thousands and thousands of Pokemon fans are waiting to buy it!
If we can speak up, there's a good chance that soon, we will have our mitts on the Orange Island Adventures DVD set!
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