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Message To Readers
When we first decided to start up a new Pokémon site dedicated to the TV series, many people scoffed at us. "Why start a website about a fad that is already on it's way out?" they'd say. Then we'd reply that there were still "Thunderbirds" fan sites around. That shut them up. Anyway, unless you've been living under a rock since 1995, then you know Pokémon started out as a popular Japanese RPG Gameboy game, then gradually exploded into the world-wide phenomenon it is today, spawinging more video games, a popular card game, and the afore-mentioned animated series. And let's face it, it also paved the way for other anime series to be accepted in America, such as Dragonball, Tenchi Muyo and Outlaw Star.
We know that practically every other Pokemon site has a section for the TV series. And we also know how crappy it usually is. You know, the ones with only a partial list of episodes, the descriptions of each episode is basically a page length run-on sentence and it's usually in broken English, cut and pasted from some old Japanese site. We looked at those sites and laughed. We can do better, we said. So we did. We've watched each episode untold times, making a synopsis of each episode, along with quotes from the show, things you might have missed, and little known facts about the show. And thrown into the mix is a character guide, a FAQ section, and fun stuff, like Pikachu Radio! We've watched so many episodes, one of us actually thought he was a Jigglypuff and spent the night in the local jail after a run-in at the tavern. He still refuses to tell us exactly what happened.
The screenshots we have aren't exactly top notch. We actually stole them from some now defunct Pokemon sites. And some episodes, especially Season 4, don't have any screens at all. But we've got a video card and are taking some new shots right now! They will be up soon!
We are always updating and improving the site, so please be patient with us! If you have any suggestions or questions regarding the site or TV show, please, let us know. And since we are still working the bugs out, let us know if you find anything broken. Please enjoy this webpage, written and designed by lovable kooks with a bit too much time on their hands.
Oh, and one more thing. Since DVDs popularized the whole "Hidden Features" and "Easter Eggs" trend, I've hidden a few tidbits around the site for you to find. They range from simple images to full articles. You can find a few if you look around the intro Splash Page, but... there are others...
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