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Recommended Links
These are some other cool spots on the internet where you can find out lots of stuff about Pokemon!

Unofficial Possibly the most successful unofficial Pokemon site ever, hosts plenty of card decks, game info and a huge message board for fans to interact on.
Dogasu - This site lists all the differences between the Japanese and American airings of each episode and movies. An interesting read, though only about 35 episodes and 2 movies have been compared so far. Highly recommended.
PokeLord - This French site has lots of info, but the main attraction is the tons of Japanese video clips and MP3s they have.
Pokemopolis- This humor site will either make you cheer or boo at their adult look at Pokemon. Recommended only for mature Pokemon fans over 15 with a sense of humor.
The Pallet Gym (Formerly Josh's Pokemon Page) - Despite having been closed for almost two years now, there's just something about this page that keeps us coming back...

Official The official website of one of Nintendo's most popular franchises. Mainly a hub that links to all the other official Pokemon game websites.
Pioneer Animation- The official Pokemon section of the distriubutor of the Pokemon DVDs.
Pokemon The Movie 3 - Warner Bros. official website is very flashy like the websites for the other movies, but if you dig around a little, you'll find some very lengthy and interesting discussion about the translation and creation of the movie.
Project Pokemon 2003 - The japanese site for the sixth Pokemon movie features some very cool flash animation.

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