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Dues and Don'ts

Episode #522>

After failing to capture Pikachu once again, Team Rocket holds a meeting to decide who is to blame for their troubles. After a long argument, they decide they need to get another Pokemon to even the odds against the twerps. As they go out in search of a new Pokemon, they come upon a Delibird in a cage! A message on the cage says the Delibird is free to anyone skilled enough to capture it. The cage opens and Delibird pops out. Jessie and James both battle the bird until it finally goes down. They are about the capture it when an old woman interrupts them, saying that Delibird is hers and it was all just a test to find new members for Team Rocket. Jessie and James insist that they are in Team Rocket, but a quick look at the Team Rocket database confirms that they were kicked out long ago for not paying their dues! Jessie, James and Meowth are devistated, but the old lady tells them that all they need to do is just rejoin. They eagerly agree, and the old lady sends off their data and prepares their next test. Back at the Team Rocket headquarters, the head of human resources, Wendy, receives the data and remembers that Jessie left her with a bill for a fruit smoothie and she vows revenge. She passes Jessie and James's registration forms to Giovanni, and despite them oweing a huge amount of money, he decides to reinstate them, at least until they repay their debt. Back with the old lady, she tells Jessie and James that they need to steal a Pokemon from a group of trainers she's spotted and the trainers turn out to be none other than Ash and company! James protests that they've always lost to the kids, and the old lady offers to let them use her Delibird to battle Ash. Jessie and James quickly agree and they dash off to battle. Delibird's present attack blows up Ash and company, and puts Pikachu in serious condition. However, sometimes Delibird's Present attack can sometimes heal a Pokemon, and that's just what it does to Pikachu. The angry Pikachu quickly sends Team Rocket flying off into the forest. Later on, the old lady finds Jessie and James, and tells them they've been reinstated. She also takes back her Delibird, saying that she will send it to them every month to pick up payments to pay off their debts, which includes the original debt, registrations charges, late dues, and... one fruit smoothie.

Quotable Quotes
"Big deal. We've got Wobbuffet to be as omipresently annoying as that puny little pest." ~Jessie, on Misty having Togepi.
"If dat's the Democratic way, I'm votin' Republican..." ~Meowth, after they try to vote on who messes up their plans.
Re-Joining Team Rocket
Misty: "You know, if it's that much trouble, just don't rejoin.
Jessie: "Team Jet's all filled up, and Team Helicopter's nothing but a bunch of snobs!
James: Besides, they've got stock options!

Revealed at last: Jessie and James designed their own Team Rocket uniforms.
Who's That Pokemon?: Smeargle!