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The Crystal Onix
Episode #234>
Riding Lapras in the ocean, Ash and the others find a bottle floating in the waves with a strange message about a Crystal Onix, an Onix made out of glass crystal from someone named Marrisa. They land on Sunburst Island, which specializes in glasswares. All the shops have counters full of glass; except one, with a small girl standing in front of it. When they ask her why her shop is so empty, she tells them her brother is too sad to make anything. She tells them her name is Marrisa and Ash shows her the letter he found. She asks him if he knows about the crystal Onix, but Ash doesn't know anything about it. The small girl invites them inside and they meet her older brother Matao. He can make beautiful glass statues, but he think they are worthless because they look like statues and don't have that inner spark. He believes if he can see the Crystal Onix, like his grandfather did, he will find the inspiration he needs. Misty suggests they stay and help Matao find the Crytal Onix. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is admiring the glasswares and learn what "You Break It, You Bought It" means. They end up having to work of the cost of the glass. While working, they overhear some of the shopkeepers talking about how Matao and some kids have run off to look for the Crystal Onix. Team Rocket decides to go and find the Crysal Onix first. Meanwhile, Tracey uses his Venonat to find the Onix, but all Venonat can find is a rock that looks like an Onix. Tracey then releases his other Pokemon, a Marril! Marril's large ears allow it to hear Pokemon from a long distance. Tracey tells Marril to listen for an Onix. Marril hears something and races away, with the group closely behind. Marril points to an island across from the one they're on. Suddenly, a sandbar appears, providing them a pathway across. But before they cross, they fall into another one of Team Rocket's pit traps! Team Rocket stops just long enough to taunt our heroes before running off to capture the Onix. Ash and the others manage to dig out of the pit, and set of to reach the Onix before Team Rocket. On the new island, they find a cave and Team Rocket, trapped in their own traps! Marril tells Tracey that the Onix is inside the cave, and the group goes inside the cave. They find the cave covered with crytals and a large pond full of water. Marril dives into the water and finds the Crystal Onix underwater! The Onix appears out of the water and Matao uses Cloyster to battle it. However, the crystal on Onix's body makes it invulnerable to water attacks. Onix defeats Cloyster, just as Team Rocket appear back in action. They try to capture Onix, but Onix knocks them out of the cave. Matao battles Onix again, but with his Charmeleon. Charmeleon's Flamethrower makes Onix super hot. Just as Onix is defeated, Matao gets his inspiration. Onix dives back underwater, as Matao thanks it for the help. Ash and the others leave Sunburst Island, with Matao's thanks and a small crystal Pikachu statue!

Quotable Quotes
Misty: "Why don't you just pretend you're a tree and leave!"
James: "Ooh, funny. Who taught you that one, Professor Oak?"
Top Secret
Misty: "I don't get it. How did you escape?"
James: "That is a secret you will never know!"
Jessie: "The writers can't figure it out either."

Marril is shown for the first time.
Who's That Pokemon?: Rhyhorn!