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Pikachu Revolts
Episode #233>
Arriving at Mandarin Island, the team finds it to be far from a tropical paradise, a huge city full of sidescrappers. But once they step foot on the island, they find some Pokemon attacking their trainers. Ash and Pikachu run off to help, but suddenly, Pikachu stops and gets an angry look on his face. Togepi hops out of Misty's arms with a foul attitude too. Pikachu shocks them with a Thunderbolt and he and Togepi join the other Pokemon. Ash tries to run after Pikachu, but Magnemite and a Voltorb stop him, and they all disappear in a cloud of smoke. Officer Jenny arrives on the scene with her playful Gastly. At the police station, Ash contacts Prof. Oak, who can't understand what would make the Pokemon act like that. Jenny explains that she thinks that it might be some sort of Psychic attack, which is why she is using Gastly to help. Meanwhile, Jessie, James and Meowth arrive in town to find more Pokemon, but Meowth begins to act strangely, just like Pikachu, and runs off, with Jessie and James close behind. They arrive at a strange building with a huge radar dish on top. Going down a small passageway, Jessie and James find themselves in a dank room face to face with their rivals, Butch and Cassidy! After an argument over the proper way to say the Team Rocket motto, Butch and Cassidy show off the Pokemon they captured. Jessie and James call out all their Pokemon to capture them, but Butch and Cassidy reveal their power to control the minds of Pokemon; a Drowzee hooked up to a amplifier! Butch and Cassidy use Jessie and James's Pokemon against them and kick them out. When they wake up, they find themselves in the Pokemon Center. Ash and Jenny convince Jessie and James to help, and they sneak them into the building. Jenny tells Butch and Cassidy to surrender, but they threaten to use all the Pokemon they have against them. Jenny calls out her Gastly, who is invulnerable to Drowzee's hypnotic attacks. Drowzee commands the Pokemon to use all their attacks against Ash and the others, but Gastly blocks the attacks. Ash lures his revolting Pikachu to use its attacks on the control panel, which fries Drowzee and returns the Pokemon back to normal. Jenny leads everyone outside and send the Pokemon back to their trainers, but they still have to deal with Butch and Cassidy. Jessie, James and Ash team up to battle Drowzee, but Drowzee is super fast and super strong. Cassidy commands Drowzee to use a Metronome Attack to reflect off the radar dish to gain control of the Pokemon again, but before Drowzee can, Togepi does, causing a massive explosion! After the dust settles, Butch and Cassidy are carted off to jail, and Ash is honored with a special achievement award form the city. 

Quotable Quotes
Jenny's Front
Butch: "I guess you couldn't cut it as criminals, so you're workin' wit th' law!"
Jessie: "That's just what we wanted you to think! We're only using her because she puts up a good looking front."
Jenny: "Eh-heh..."

Who's That Pokemon?: Kangaskhan!