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Fit To Be Tide
Episode #232>
Ash, Misty, and their new friend Tracy head towards Mikan Island, which Tracy says has a Gym on it. Little do they know that Team Rocket is following behind in their Magikarp submarine. Once on the island, Ash heals his Pokémon, makes a call to Prof. Oak, then sets off for the Mikan Gym. Ash spots a coconut in the grass, but when he goes to pick it up, he is soaked with water. It turns out it was a prank by a little boy. Ash is about to challenge him to a match, when the boy's older sister comes out and introduces herself as Cissy, the Mikan Gym Leader and she challenges Ash to a match. Ash prepares to battle, but Cissy tells Ash that the rules of the Orange League are different from the Indigo League. Gym matches aren't won by battling, but by the Pokemon's skills. She calls out her Pokémon, Seadra, and explains that the match will be decides by shooting targets using a water Pokemon's water gun attack. Ash calls out his Squirtle. Seadra and Squirtle knock over cans in the first round, and hit flying clay discs in the second, but at the end, they are both tied. To settle the tie, they must have a race, with Cissy riding Blastoise and Ash riding Lapras. But before the race can begin, Team Rocket's submarine beaches itself on the beach. They fire a net and capture Blastoise, then race off. Unfortunatly for them, the sub's propeller gets tangled up in seaweed and they sink. They swim out to try to untangle the sub, but Blastoise swims away, dragging the sub and Team Rocket with it. Pikachu and Blastoise send them blasting off again, and then Ash and Cissy begin the race. Ash learns that he has to ride Lapras like a surfboard during the race. Blastoise rams Lapras and takes the lead, but a giant wave comes out of nowhere and threatens to wipe them both out. Lapras freezes part of the wave with icebeam and saves Ash, but the wave hits Cissy and Blastoise, and she wipes out, but Blastoise saves her and she takes the lead again. Ash tells Lapras to freeze a path of ice in the water leading to the beach. Lapras hops onto the ice and slides to victory! Cissy is impressed with Ash's tactics and awards him with the Coral Eye Badge!

Quotable Quotes
Tracey: Sketching a picture of Cissy "Hmmm. I need to make some observations..."
Misty: "Hey, just what is it you're observing?"
Same Ol' Rocket Motto
Misty: "It's the same thing every time..."
Ash: "They changed the first part a little..."
Cissy: "Do you know what those people are talking about?"
Ash: "Not exactly, but we're used to it by now."

Did You Notice?...
Cissy's Gym resembles a giant soda can on its side.

Ash wins his first Orange League Badge, the Coral Eye Badge.
Who's That Pokemon?: Primeape!
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