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The Lost Lapras
Episode #231 
Ash, Pikachu and Misty are still on the blimp, which crash lands onto Tangelo island. After a trek through the woods, they get into town and are enjoying the sights, when they hear a cry from the beach. They rush down and find three trainers beating a Lapras. Ash demands that they stop, but they take out their Pokemon to battle instead. Just as they are about to begin, a boy shows up and begins to sketch and study their Pokemon. The trainers get irritated and call out to attack, but Pikachu uses his Thundershock and sends them running off, leaving Lapras behind. The boy sees that Lapras is hurt, and runs off to find Nurse Joy, leaving Ash to tend to the Lapras. But the Lapras is terrified of humans, and won't let Ash help. They manage to get Lapras to the Pokemon Center, and into a small pool to rest. The boy introduces himself as Tracy Sketchit, a Pokemon Watcher who studies Pokemon. He tells Ash that Lapras is just a baby, that must have gotten separated from its school. More trainers come in and mention the Orange Crew. Tracey tells Ash that the Orange Crew is a group of Gym Leaders of the Orange League. Ash decides that he will enter the Orange League, but Misty makes him ask Professor Oak for permission first. After all, they still have to deliver the GS Ball! Oak lets Ash compete though, because he feels it's more important for Ash to get in some more training. Tracey, amazed that Ash and Misty knew the great Prof. Oak, insisted on joining them in their journey, so he could get the chace to meet him. Later, Ash tries to calm Lapras down by singing to it and swimming with it, but Lapras is still frightened. But, of course, Team Rocket arrives in a smoke cloud and steals Lapras away. On bikes, they give chase, and Ash jumps into the truck and into the cab. During the struggle, the trailer gets unhooked and Ash jumps out to Lapras. Team Rocket gets blasted off a cliff, while Ash and Lapras fall into the ocean. Later, Misty and Tracey search the beach for Ash and find him surfing in on Lapras! Ash claims Lapras as his newest captured Pokemon, while Misty lets it slide that Ash thinks he caught Lapras. The next day, Ash, Pikachu, Misty and Tracey all set sail on Lapras to explore the Orange Islands and challenge the Orange Crew!

Quotable Quotes
Oak: "Of course, I am very eager to take a look at that GS Ball, but it's also important for you to get in some rigorous training during your journey."
Ash: "Thank you. I'll find out what 'rigorous' means too."
Ash: "You put up quite a fight Lapras. But I caught ya anyway!"
Tracey: "Did he say 'caught'?"
Misty: "He likes to dream."

Who's That Pokémon?: Ninetales!
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