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A Scare In The Air

Episode #229>

Ash and company are on their way to Velencia Island to pick up the strange Pokeball, when they find out it will take a month to get there by foot! Taking a chance, Ash enters a raffle for blimp tickets to Velencia Island, and manages to win! Little do they know that the blimp line is operated by Team Rocket, and Giovanni has put Jessie, James and Meowth in charge of the "Blimp Brigade". And little is known by Jessie and James that Giovanni is hoping they will crash the blimp, so he would be rid of them and be able to collect on the insurance. Ash and company arrive at the airport and board the rickety blimp, along with Jessie and James, donned in flight attendant uniforms. As they take off, they get an unexpected stowaway, Jigglypuff. As the blimp wobbles through the air, Ash complains about the service and the food, while James attempts to steady the blimp. As he does, the cabin is tossed around, and Togepi gets lost in the scramble. As Misty and the others look for Togepi, Team Rocket decides to capture Pikachu, only to fall victim to a ghost, which turns out to be only Jigglypuff stuck under a sheet. While all this is going on, the blimp has drifted into a storm cloud, and the storm begins to tear the blimp apart. Misty finds Togepi, playing on the frame of the rapidly decaying blimp and she climbs up to grab it. Team Rocket appears and tries to snatch Pikachu, but a quick song from Jigglypuff sends them on their way. Misty quickly rescues Togepi, and the friends return to the cabin to try to steer the blimp to land. Miraculously, they survive a crash landing, only to find out they have landed on Velencia Island!

Quotable Quotes
Free Trip!
Ash notices the store he bought food from is holding a contest for a trip to Valencia Island.
Ash: "All Right! A free trip! Now we'll get to Valencia Island in no time!"
Misty: "You don't really think you'll win that free trip, do you?"
Cut to Ash winning the store drawing
Man 1: "He won!"
Man 2: "It's our grand prize round trip blimp flight to Valencia Island for three!"
Ash: "Oh well, I guess you can't lose 'em all!"

Meowth's Song
As he is accessing the laptop to reach Giovanni, Meowth sings to himself to the tune of "On Top Of Mt. Smokey"
My name is Me-oooowww-th,
I'm covered wit fuuuuurrr....
Dat's why I's gets haiiiirballlllls...

Did You Notice?...
Giovanni has a vase with an Arbok coiled around it. The rose in the vase is similar to James's.
As they slide around the cabin, Ash, Brock and Misty pick up a Muk garbage can and a potted tree.

After the events of September 11th, repeat broadcasts of this episode were re-titled "Spirits In The Sky".
Who's That Pokemon?: Vulpix!
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