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Snow Way Out

Episode #228>

Ash and company are still headed towards the Orange Islands, when they get lost on a snowy mountain. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is lost too, having lost their balloon, but Jessie is strangely happy, remembering when she was a young girl and when she was given snow rolls for dinner by her poor mother. A blizzard begins blowing and they build an igloo, where Jessie prepares all kinds of snow foods. Back with Ash and company, they are caught in the blizzard too, when Brock says they need to find a place to wait out the storm. A sudden gust of wind blows Pikachu away, and Ash runs after him, separating from Brock and Misty. Ash manages to find Pikachu, but they slide down a cliff with no way up. The snow continues to blow and Ash decides to dig a snow cave to spend the night. He has Charmander melt the snow, then after he gets inside, seals up the cave with more snow. He lets everyone out of their Pokeballs and they all gather around Charmander's flame. But his flame begins to wear out, and Ash decides that it would be warmer for them inside their Pokeballs. His Pokemon want to stay out with him, but he ignores them and returns them to their balls. Ash wraps his jacket around the Pokeballs to keep them warm, and Ash and Pikachu huddle up for warmth. Suddenly, the winds breaks a hole in the wall, sending cold air rushing in. Ash presses his back against the hole and orders Pikachu to go into his Pokeball. Pikachu refuses, and Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Pidgeotto come out as well and they all huddle around Ash to keep him warm. The next morning, the storm has passed and they all climb out of the cave, where they find Brock and Misty searching for them. Onix helps them up the cliff and they find Team Rocket's balloon, which they use to float over the mountain and to the next town.

Quotable Quotes
"If we survive this, I'm going to need a facelift!" ~James, as Team Rocket pulls on each other's cheeks to stay awake.

Since this episode aired much earlier in Japan, Charmander appears instead of Charizard.
Who's That Pokemon?: Muk!
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