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Holiday Hi-Jynx!
Episode #227>
Christmas is just around the corner and Jessie is coming up with plans to capture Santa Claus. Jessie is convinced that Santa is actually a Jynx and she tells James and Meowth the tale of when she was a little girl, a Jynx stole one of her dolls. Meanwhile, Ash and company are at the beach, when Ash spots a Jynx carrying a boot. Ash tries to capture it, but Jynx knocks away his Pokeball with the book. Jynx shows Ash the boot and they see a picture of Santa in the boot! Jynx uses telepathy to tell Ash that she was cleaning Santa's boot on an ice floe when part of it broke away and she floated out to sea. Ash decides to help Jynx get back to the North Pole. Using a raft and their water Pokemon, they make their way north, but the Pokemon quickly get tired out. Ash decides to take over when he hears a voice. It's a Lapras, who also uses telepathy to tell Ash that she was sent by Santa to find Jynx and she will take them the rest of the way. But just as they reach the North Pole, Team Rocket appears in their submarine and captures them in a net. Jessie grabs the Jynx and Team Rocket breaks into the workshop to steal all the presents. There they find many more Jynx and the real Santa! Jessie and James tie up Santa, and force the Jynx to load all the presents into their submarine. Santa demands to know why she is doing this, and Jessie tells them what happened to her years ago. Santa and Jynx explain to her that Jynx took the doll to get it fixed, but since Jessie stopped believing in Santa after Jynx took her doll, he couldn't return it. Jessie is touched, but decides to take the presents anyway. They start to get away, but Santa orders his Jynx to use Psychic attacks to lift the submarine out of the water, shaking out the presents, then sending Team Rocket flying off again. Santa is grateful to Ash for brining Jynx back, and gives them all gifts. As Lapras brings the group back home, Santa sets off to deliver presents... even to Jessie, James and Meowth!

Quotable Quotes
"Sounds screwy ta me. Maybe it was a sugar plum dancin' in yer head." ~Meowth, on Jessie's story about a Jynx being Santa Clause.

Did You Notice?...
Jessie shouts out the title of the episode, rather than Ash.

This episode, aired during Season One in Japan, features Charmander instead of Charizard.
Who's That Pokemon?: Pidgeotto!
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