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A Friend In Deed
Episode #223>
After Ash's fourth straight victory, Delia decides to treat everyone to dinner at a fancy restaurant. After dinner, they all get into an elevator, along with a boy who jumps in before the doors close. But on their way down, the elevator stops. The boy opens up a control panel, and gets Pikachu to use a small Thundershock to jump start the elevator. As they get out of the elevator down at the lobby, the boy introduces himself as Ritchie. After a few words with Ash, he runs off. Outside, Ash hears an announcement about a Pokeball inspection; if Ash doesn't turn in his Pokeballs for inspection, he could be kicked out of the League! Ash, along with hundreds of other trainers, concedes. He spots Ritchie turning in his Pokemon as well, and they both think it's rather strange. But it's only when Pikachu tries to shock the inspectors that Ash realizes that it's Team Rocket! Team Rocket jumps into a truck and drives off, with Ash and Ritchie in hot pursuit. But the truck is much faster and before they can find Team Rocket, night falls. Ash and Ritchie decide to camp out for the night and continue searching in the morning. They spend the night talking about their Pokemon and their dreams. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is celebrating a scheme well done and are celebrating the night away. The next morning, Ash and Ritchie come upon Team Rocket sleeping on the ground, surrounded by empty bag and bottles. They both get into the back of the truck and find the Pokeballs, when Team Rocket locks them in and begins to drive off with them. The boys open the bag and quickly find Ritchie's Pokeballs, marked with stars. After a few mistakes, Ash finally manages to find Bulbasaur. Ritchie's Charmander, burns a hole in the front of the truck into the cab, where Team Rocket is driving. Ritchie's Pikachu, nicknamed Sparky, teams up with Ash's Pikachu and they both shock Team Rocket out of the truck, sending them into the air. The truck spins out of control, and Ash and Ritchie jump out as it flies off a cliff, but with the help of Butterfree and Pidgeotto, they land safely along with the Pokeballs. The Pokemon are returned and Ash learns who his next opponent is... Ritchie!

Quotable Quotes
"Hey! This van's a rental!" ~Team Rocket, after Zippo slashes down the cab wall.

Did You Notice?...
Ritchie's Charmander is nicknamed "Zippo", which is a brand of cigarette lighters.

Who's That Pokemon?: Diglett!
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