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Fourth Round Rumble
Episode #222>
Ash is getting ready for his Fourth Match, when he finds out that Gary has lost his fourth battle and has been knocked out of the Pokemon League. His cheerleaders are devistated, but Gary vows to try harder next time. He wishes Ash luck and heads back to Pallet Town. Ash feels sorry for Gary, but Misty reminds Ash he has his own battle to worry about! Ash enters the stadium just as his opponent is being announced, the popular Janette Fisher! Janette comes out on a red carpet with the crowd cheering for her, and Ash feels a bit less confident. Janette sends out Beedrill, while Ash uses Bulbasaur. After a Leech Seed and Tackle attack, Beedrill is out. Janette uses her next Pokemon, Scyther, while Ash sticks with Bulbasaur. Scyther tries to use Double Team to confuse Bulbasaur, but a few lucky hits with Vine Whip and Scyther is knocked out too. Finally, Janette sends out her last Pokemon, a Bellsprout! Ash laughs, figuring that Janette must have run out of good Pokemon and tells Bulbasaur to tackle it. But Bellsprout grabs Bulbasaur and begins to slam it into the ground, knocking it out. Ash is shocked, and decides to give Bellsprout a shock with Pikachu. But Pikachu's electricity has no effect on Bellsprout, and Bellsprout knocks out Pikachu with Vine Whip. Ash decides to send out his wild card... Muk! Janette shouts at Bellsprout to attack, but its attacks simply bounce off Muk's rubbery body. Muk finally knocks out Bellsprout with a Body Slam and Ash wins his fourth match! Janette picks up Bellsprout, gives it a hug and heads home, while Muk gives Ash a big hug of its own.

Quotable Quotes
"Well, at least these fakes are authentic!" ~Meowth, caught making fake League Badges out of bottle caps.
"Make Bulba sore!" ~Janette, commanding her Bellsprout to Pound Bulbasaur.
Brock and Janette
Misty: "I just hope Janette doesn't have any more Pokemon like that Beedrill."
Brock: "I just hope she doesn't have a boyfriend."

Did You Notice?...
Jenny calls her Growlithe "Arcanine".

Who's That Pokemon:? Bellsprout
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