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Fire And Ice
Episode #221>
As Ash wins his second match, he feels pretty confident. He and Pikachu go out for dinner, but Misty scolds him for not going to the Pokemon Center to treat his Pokemon. When Ash finally does manage to get to the Pokemon Center, he finds it full, with no way to heal up his Pokemon! As Ash is about to give up hope, a strange looking doctor motions for Ash to follow him down an alley. They find a small Pokemon Center, but Brock senses something isn't right about Nurse Joy. His intuition turns out to be right, as Nurse Joy turns out to be Jessie! Team Rocket snatches Ash's Pokemon and begin to float away in their balloon, but Onix makes short work of it. Ash gets his Pokemon back, then hears that temporary Centers are being set up to aid the extra Pokemon. He quickly gets them healed for his third match the next day. He battles a trainer until they both have only one Pokemon, the trainer with Arcanine and Ash with Pikachu! Arcanine's fire blasts melt the ice they are battling on, until Pikachu is stranded in the water floating on an ice cube. Arcanine fires a Fire Blast at Pikachu, but Pikachu dives under the water and uses Thunderbolt, which shocks Arcanine out of commission! Ash wins again!

Quotable Quotes
"Careful Ash. All that food can make your belly as big as your head." ~Misty

Who's That Pokemon?: Koffing!
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