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Round One - Begin!

Episode #220>

On the first day of the tournament, Ash registers at the front desk and learns that his first battle will be with a trainer named Mandy. Meanwhile, outside, Team Rocket is disguised at reporters interviewing trainers, hoping to find out which ones have the rarest Pokemon. They find Mandy and Jessie tries to interview him, but he blows her off, leaving Jessie very steamed. Back with Ash, he has run into Gary again, who taunts Ash, telling him not to embarrass Pallet Town by losing his first battle. Ash tries to think up a good retort when he is paged for a phone call. It's Prof. Oak, who asks if Ash wants to use his Krabby in his first match on the Ice Field. Ash agrees and Krabby is transported to him. He walks out of the Pokemon Center and meets Mandy. Ash tries to make friends, but Mandy simply insults Ash and walks away. That afternoon, Ash's match comes up. He walks out onto the Ice Field and faces Mandy. They start to battle, but are interruped by Team Rocket, who shout at Ash to beat Mandy, even after they are carted off by security. Ash and Mandy resume their battle, with Mandy using Exeggutor and Ash using Krabby. Exeggutor seems to be quickly defeating Krabby, but Krabby jumps up and uses Vice Grip on Exeggutor's head, making it thrash around in pain. Krabby quickly uses Leer and a Stomp attack, knocking Exeggutor out! As everyone cheers, Krabby begins to glow and it evolves into Kingler! Mandy sends out a Seadra, but Kingler quickly defeats it. Finally, Mandy sends out his Golbat. Misty shouts at Ash to switch to Pikachu, but Ash has a feeling Kingler can do it. Golbat swoops down at Kingler, and Kingler grabs it with another Vice Grip. Golbat quickly escapes and uses Razor Wind. Golbat winds up for the final blow when Kingler uses Hyper Beam, knocking Golbat out. Ash has defeated Mandy using only one Pokemon! As the crowd cheers, Ash runs out onto the field and gives Kingler a big hug.

Quotable Quotes
DJ Jessie
Jessie threatens to beat up Mandy after he insults her, and James holds her back
James: "Act like a TV reporter, not some radio talk show host!"
Jessie: "You're right. Besides, it would be a crime for this face to end up on radio."
Meowth: "You scare me."

Did You Notice?...
Meowth calls a flock of Pidgey "Pidgeotto".

Opposing trainers are represented on the field and scoreboard by the colors Red and Green, which is also the colors of the first two Pokemon video game releases in Japan.
Who's That Pokemon?: Nidoran!
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