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Bad To The Bone
Episode #218>
Ash and crew are finally on their way to the Indigo Plateau, but along the way they are stopped by a trainer named Atoshi, who challenges Ash to a battle; and the loser must give up all his gym badges! Ash refuses at first, but Atoshi manages to goat him into it. They battle, and Ash defeats Atoshi's Marowak. However, Atoshi confesses that he has no badges; they were stolen by two strangers and a talking Meowth, Team Rocket of course. Ash, knowing how hard it was to earn badges, decides to help Atoshi get his Badges back. Meanwhile, James and Meowth are celebrating, when they notice that Jessie is missing, along with the Badges! Ash tracks them down and finds out that Jessie had run off with the Badges. Ash and Atoshi start to look for Jessie, while James and Meowth slip away and do the same. Marowak, upset that all his hard work was for nothing, runs away, leaving Atoshi crushed. James and Meowth find Jessie first, and scold her for stealing the badges they stole together. Jessie apologizes and tells them she only did it so she could enter the Pokemon League herself. Just then Atoshi and Ash barge in and demand the badges back. Jessie battles Atoshi, who uses his Doduo. Meanwhile, Marowak sees other trainers with their Pokemon and remembers how Atoshi cared for him. Marowak runs back to find Atoshi. Back with Jessie and Atoshi, Jessie is about to defeat Atoshi when Marowak jumps in and sends Team Rocket flying. Atoshi gets his badges back, and they all head towards Indigo Plateau.

Quotable Quotes
"You have disgraced the disgraceful Team Rocket!" ~James, catching Jessie stealing the stolen Badges.

Did You Notice?...
Otoshi has won a Volcano Badge, despite the fact that Ash was the first one to battle Blaine in years (Episode #203, Riddle Me This).

Who's That Pokemon?: Moltres!
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