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To Master The Onix-pected

Episode #216>

Ash and Brock are watching the Elite Master Bruno on TV when Misty accuses them of slacking off. They tell her that they're training by trying to figure out the Elite Four's secrets. Ash wants Bruno to train him, but they don't know where to find him. Ash's mom pops in and tells them that she's heard that Bruno trains in the mountains. Ash and the rest head up into the mountains in search of the great trainer. While at a rest stop, they hear stories of giant Onix roaming the area. Continuing up the mountain, they find a huge canyon. Upon closer examination, they find that something big has just made it! As if to drive the point home, a huge cloud of dust appears in the horizon, headed right for them. It's the giant Onix! They run for it, but the Onix is quickly closing in. They hear a voice call them from behind a rock. They duck behind the rock and Onix runs past. Ash and Brock are stunned to find that the man who saved them is Bruno! They beg him to teach him his Pokemon secrets. Bruno has Brock and Ash perform various tests, but after they finish them, they find they were just helping Bruno fix dinner. Bruno tells them there are no secrets to Pokemon training. Ash and Brock's image of Bruno is shattered, and they head back to Pallet Town disappointed. Meanwhile, Team Rocket attempt to capture the giant Onix, but only anger it in the end. They hide in a hole in the mountain, but Onix bashes the side of the rock, which makes the small cavern slowly begin to cave in and bury Team Rocket alive. Ash and the rest arrive and find that Team Rocket is in trouble. Brock's own Onix, Staryu and Squirtle jump out and fight the giant Onix, but the giant Onix defeats all three. With the giant Onix distracted, Team Rocket makes a break for it. Ash loses his footing and falls into the pit where Onix is. Pikachu jumps down and tries to shock Onix, but to no avail. Just when it looks like the end for Ash and Pikachu, Bruno pulls them both to safety. Bruno jumps down and after a little convincing, the giant Onix begins to trust him. Bruno senses something is wrong to make Onix act so aggressive. He finds that a Sandslash was caught between Onix's rocky scales! Free from pain, the giant Onix is much more gentle. Bruno asks Onix to join him and Onix agrees, getting into a Pokeball. Bruno leaves, telling Ash he will be waiting to see how Ash performs at the Pokemon League.

Quotable Quotes
"Just the right amount of muskrat!" ~Brock, eating the old woman's muskrat meatballs.

Who's That Pokemon?: Alakazam!
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