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Go West, Young Meowth!
Episode #215>
Ash and Brock are working out for the League when they get a telegram from Cleavon Schpielbunk who invites them to the premeir of his movie, Pokemon in Love! Jessie and James feel insulted they weren't invited as well, so they decide to follow Ash to Hollywood. Meowth tells Jessie and James that he once lived in Hollywood. Thus begins the tale... or should we say, tail...
Abandoned by his mother, baby Meowth was always hungry, and always getting into trouble searching for food. One day, he saw a movie featuring a Meowth who was pampered and kept plump and happy. Meowth decided that that was the life for him. He traveled to Hollywood, but found that it was still hard to find food. On the verge of starvation, he came across a Meowth gang, known as Street Cats and their leader, a Persian. They taught him how to steal food and survive on the streets of Hollywood. One day after raiding a fish shop, Meowth comes across be beautiful girl Meowth named Meowsy. Meowth flirts with Meowsy, but she rejects him saying that her master can give her anything she want and Meowth is just a street cat. She likes humans much more than Meowth. Meowth was determined to become a human! First learning to balance and walk on his hind legs, then sneaking into a speech school and listening from a hole in the attic, he learns how to speak. Soon he is walking tall and talking human talk. He goes back to Meowsy to try to impress her, but she is freaked out by how a Pokemon can talk human... Meowth is dumped! That's when Meowth left Hollywood and joined Team Rocket.
Walking the now run down streets, Meowth runs into his old gang, who wants him to rejoin them. Meowth refuses to join, but the head Persian shows him who is also in the gang... Meowsy! She tells Meowth that her master ran out of money and abandoned her, and the Meowth gang took her in. Meowth declares that he will get her out of the gang, but the others won't let him. Jessie and James arrive just in time to help their friend. While Arbok and Weezing fight the Meowths, Meowth takes on the head Persian and he manages to know him out. Meowth expects a big hug from Meowsy, but she runs over to tend to Persian, telling Meowth that Persian took her in when she needed help and it wouldn't be right to leave them. Besides, Meowth is still a freak!
Meanwhile, Ash and the rest have finished watching the movie only to find they weren't in it at all! Team Rocket bursts in, but only to recite their motto, then they leave, reminding us how strange they are. 

Quotable Quotes
"We might get our own... INFOMERCIAL!" ~James, on the possiblities of stardom.
Meowth's Song
Under da evenin' sky wit da moon high up above,
I loined ta speak human, cause this cat's got puppy love,
I'll stand on two legs, hold my head up high,
An' she'll want me, wait n' see...
I'll write poetry, an' recite it myself!
For Meowsy....
Rocket Friendship
Jessie: "We may be mean and nasty, but we'd never turn our backs on a teammate in trouble!"
James: "As long as we're not exposed to any actual physical danger."

Did You Notice?...
The licence plate on the rich lady's car reads "052-NYA", which is Meowth's Pokedex number, and the first three letters of Meowth's Japanese name.
The film Meowth sees, "That Darn Meowth" is a play on the old movie "That Darn Cat".

Who's That Pokemon?: Onix!
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