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Make Room For Gloom
Episode #213>
After being rudely awakened by Mr. Mime again, Ash, Misty and Brock head out to train in the mountains, mainly to avoid doing chores for Ash's Mom all morning. In the forest, they come across the Xanadu Plant Nursery, where Ash and his mom came for plants when he was younger. Ash and Misty admire the beautiful flowers, but Brock is entranced by a beautiful young woman inside. They are found by Potter, the caretaker, and brought inside. He tells them that Grass type trainers come to let their Grass Pokemon enjoy the plants. Ash lets Bulbasaur out, who enjoys the flowers, but suddenly slumps over when he sniffs a strange looking plant. When Ash tries to sniff the plant to find out what happened, he is stopped by the beautiful woman Brock saw, named Florinda. Florinda and her Gloom treat Bulbasaur with Gloom's antidote. As Bulbasaur recovers Brock flirts with Florinda, who tells him that she feels she isn't a good Pokemon trainer, because she believes her Gloom is very weak and not good with battle. She even tried to evolve Gloom, but for some reason, the Leaf Stone she bought didn't work. Prof. Oak suddenly appears on the scene and tells them that someone has been selling fake evolution stones in the area. Ash asks who sold her the fake stone and Florinda decribes the trio that sold them -- who else, Team Rocket! They are still inside the nursery, stealing some plants to make their own stun spore. Everyone except Florinda and Gloom rushes to stop them. Bulbasaur ties up Jessie and James with Vine Whip, but Meowth uses the special plants to make a stun bomb, which paralyzes everyone. Team Rocket grabs Pikachu and are about to run off with it when Florinda arrives. Brock pleads with Florinda to help them. Unsure, she sends Gloom to battle anyway. Gloom uses Double Team to confuse Team Rocket, then is uses Solar Beam to blast them into the sky. Florinda heals everyone with a special antidote. Brock is about to tell Florinda how he feels, but unfortunatly for him, she tells Potter that he is the one she loves.

Quotable Quotes
"Don't worry Brock, you'll find lots of other girls to reject you!" ~Ash, after Florinda chooses to be with Potter.

Who's That Pokemon?: Clefable!
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