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The Pi-Kahuna
Episode #212>
Ash and company are still on Seafoam Island, where a jogging Ash almost causes a traffic jam on an unusually busy mountain road. After Officer Jenny arrives on the scene and the traffic jam is cleared up, Ash asks her why there is so much traffic. She tells him that hundereds of surfers have arrived to challenge the Humonga Dunga, a huge wave that only comes every twenty years. She tells them how fourty years earlier, a surfer named Jan surfed on the huge wave and placed his flag atop a tall rock in the middle of the bay and surfers have tried for years to achieve the same stunt. Ash decides he wants to become a master surfer as well. As Ash swims out, Pikachu stays on shore and notices an older Pikachu on a cliff far away. Ash attempts to take a large wave, but wipes out instead. Ash gets a leg cramp and is overtaken by another wave. Just as it seems that Ash is a goner, a man and the old Pikachu come on a surfboard and rescue him. Ash wakes up in a small ocean cottage with Brock and Misty looking over him. Brock tells Ash that he was rescued by the old man, who is named Victor. Victor tells them he knew Jan over fourty years ago and witnessed his triumph in conquering Humonga Dungo. Jan gave his surfboard to Victor and told him to try to meet his acheivement. Victor did try twenty years later, but just before he reached the rock he wiped out. Victor was about to give up surfing forever when he found a small Pikachu floating in on a piece of driftwood. He adopted the Pikachu and named it Puka and they've been surfing together ever since. Puka is special, he says, because it seems to be able to sense that big waves are coming. Suddenly, Ash and Victor hear Puka and Pikachu cry out-- Team Rocket is back in their Gyarados submarine and have captured Pikachu and Puka in a shock-proof container. They dive down into the deep water and head out to sea. Unfortunatly, they run into a pack of real Gyarados who blast them out of the water with Hyper Beams. Pikachu and Puka are released from their container. Bulbasaur catches Pikachu, but Puka falls into the ocean. Victor goes out to rescue him on his surfboard. The waves have gotten so rough that Brock is forced to turn around and leave Victor and Pooka behind. As Victor picks Puka out of the water, he notices that Puka's tail is glowing -- Humonga Dunga is coming! As Ash and a crowd watch from the safety of a cliff, they watch Victor and Puka ride the huge wave and place their flag atop the rock next to Jan's flag.

Did You Notice?...
Ash has a Psyduck surfboard.

Who's That Pokemon?: Gloom!
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