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The Evolution Solution

Episode #211>

Everyone, except for Ash, is off to Seafoam Island for fun in the sun. Ash can't go, Mom says, because he needs to train for the big League match. Ash, feeling dejected, goes to visit Prof. Oak. He finds Oak frustrated at trying to figure out why Slowpoke evolves into a Slowbro. He tells Ash the man who might know is Prof. Westwood, who lives on Seafoam Island. Glad to take advantage of a chance to visit Seafoam, Ash tells Prof. Oak he will go and visit Westwood. Arriving at Seafoam Island, he finds Misty and Brock windsurfing. After Misty wipes out, she and Brock join Ash and visit Westwood, who is a tad on the eccentric side. Meanwhile, Jessie and James are stuck doing mundane chores for Giovanni. Digging for clams on the beach, James uncovers a Shellder and battles it, but Jessie ends up capturing it. Giovanni orders them to go to Westwood's lab and steal his Pokemon. Back at the lab, Westwood is struggling to figure out why Slowpoke evolves and tells Ash he needs a Shellder to make it evolve. Just then, Jessie and James (and Meowth!) sail in via para-sail and demand Westwood's Pokemon. When they find out that Slowpoke is Westwood's only Pokemon, Team Rocket decide to steal it anyway and use the Shellder they caught to evolve it into a Slowbro. Westwood runs away with Slowpoke, but is quickly caught by Jessie and James. Jessie tries to get Shellder to latch onto Slowpoke's tail, but Psyduck deflects its attacks with his Disable move. However, Slowpoke trips over the defeated Shellder and it then latches onto Slowpoke's tail, evolving it into Slowbro. Team Rocket tries one more time to steal Slowbro, only to be blasted off again with a Mega Punch. Westwood discovered that Slowbro and Shellder help each other; Shellder helps Slowbro balance on its hind legs and Slowbro helps Shellder travel across land.

Quotable Quotes
"You're beginning to sound like that twerp!" ~Jessie, as James battles the Shellder.

Who's That Pokemon?: Raichu!
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