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Showdown At The Poke-Corral
Episode #210>
As the crew sits down to breakfast, Brock reminds Ash that they have to go see Professor Oak about entering the Pokemon League. Ash leaps up and heads off toward Oak's Lab. Meanwhile, Jessie, James and Meowth arrive at the Rocket Headquarters, not looking foward to the chewing out they'll recieve. Suddenly, the building explodes and they see something flying off from the burning wreakage. They find Giovanni admist the building ruins, who tells Jessie and James to finish their job, then boards a helicopter and flies off after the creature. 
Back at Oak's Lab, Ash finds that Gary is there as well. Gary tells Ash he's captured more Pokemon, while Ash says he is closer with his own Pokemon. Oak breaks up the argument by telling them that they both have different, but equally good methods in raising Pokemon. Oak shows Ash, Gary and the rest how he goes through his day, releasing all the Pokemon and letting them get excercise as he studies them. Ash and Gary appear to be getting along better as they learn how each other care for their Pokemon. Gary suggests that they have a battle to warm up for the Pokemon League competition. But before they can battle, Team Rocket bursts in, after numerous setbacks trying to sneak into Prof. Oak's lab, and demands Pikachu. Suddenly, the herd of Tauros that Ash caught from the Safari Zone breaks out of their pasture, ramming Team Rocket off into the stratosphere. Gary parts ways with Ash, promising to fight him in the League Competition two months away. Ash is left behind to fix the fence his Tauros broke with the help of Misty and Brock.

Quotable Quotes
"Maybe now you can go another week without taking a bath. ~Misty, after Mr. Mime vaccumms Ash's face.
"We're just victims of CFS... 'Chronic Failure Syndrome'..." ~Meowth
"Why can't good things happen to bad people?" ~James, as Team Rocket is blasted off again.

Did You Notice?...
Gary is shocked to see a Meowth that can talk, despite the fact he saw Meowth in "Battle of the Badge".
Oak shows Ash all the Tauros Ash caught in the Safari Zone, but the episode he did catch them in, "The Legend of Dratini" was never aired outside of Japan.

Mewtwo destroys Team Rocket headquarters, leading to the events of the first movie.
Who's That Pokemon?: Slowbro!
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