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It's Mr. Mimie Time!
Episode #209>
Ash is finally on his way back to Pallet Town and along the way, he finds a Mr. Mime. Ash is about the capture it when a strange woman named Stella shows up and attempt to capture it herself. They both fail and Ash demands to know why she interfered with his capture. Stella tells Ash she runs a circus and she needs a new Mr. Mimie. She shows Ash and the gang her Mr. Mimie, which is lounging around and ignoring orders. Stella hopes that with another Mr. Mimie, her Mimie will get jealous and start doing its act again. Brock volunteers to find a Mr. Mimie, then gets Ash to dress up in a Mr. Mimie costume. Stella gives Ash lessons, during which she treats him roughly and Ash begins to see why her Mr. Mimie ignores her. Later, the show begins and Ash comes on stage dressed as Mr. Mimie and spot his mom in the audience! But just as the show is about to begin, Team Rocket appears and captures Ash, mistaking him for a real Mr. Mimie! After Jessie and James escape, Delia finds out that Ash was kidnapped, but she doesn't seem too worried about it, figuring that Team Rocket will release Ash once they find out what happened. She invites Brock and Misty for lunch at her house. Meanwhile, Ash manages to take off the mask and show Team Rocket who he is. He runs off and steals their balloon and heads back to Pallet.
Back at the house, Brock and Misty have left to look for Ash and Delia is beginning to worry about Ash. The wild Mr. Mimie that Ash saw before shows up at the back door and Delia thinks it's Ash still in the costume and staying in character. As she give Mr. Mimie some lunch, Ash arrives at the front door. Delia is confused at first, but when Ash pulls off her mask she realizes what happened. Ash asks Mr. Mimie to go back to the circus with him. Mr. Mimie refuses at first, but changes his mind when Delia offers to make it some dessert. Meanwhile, back at the circus, Team Rocket has shown up in a tank and have begun to steal the Pokemon. Stella tries to run away carrying her Mr. Mimie. Team Rocket is about to capture them when Ash appears and commands Pikachu to thundershock. The shock has no effect on the tank, which is made out of rubber. Team Rocket tries to run over Ash, but the wild Mr. Mimie and the circus Mr. Mimie team up and form a force field around the tank. Team Rocket tries to destory the barrier by firing the cannon, but end up blowing themselves into the stratosphere. Stella apologizes to her Mr. Mime for being so rough on it and the wild Mr. Mimie goes home with Delia and becomes the family Pokemon.

Quotable Quotes
"It won't affect my year end bonus, will it?" ~Meowth, when Giovanni yells at them for destroying the gym.
"I'm not a Mr. Mime! I just play one on TV..." ~Ash, revealing to Team Rocket that he's not a Mr. Mime.

Who's That Pokemon?: Jynx!
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