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Battle of the Badge
Episode #208>
Ash finally makes it to Viridian Gym and is ready to earn his final badge. Unfortunately, Gary shows up once again and gets in first. He battles with his Arcanine and Nidoking and defeats Giovanni's Kingler and Golem, but Giovanni offers to battle Gary with his most powerful Pokemon. A door opens and a Pokemon encased in armor appears. Using powerful psychic attacks, the Pokemon defeats both Arcanine and Nidoking. Meanwhile, Ash has lost Togepi and all three friends are searching for it. Togepi ends up in the hands of Jessie, James and Meowth and they take it back to their boss. However, Giovanni doesn't see why they wasted time capturing such a worthless Pokemon. Before Giovanni can chew out Jessie and James further, he gets an urget phone call. He tells Jessie and James he must leave and puts them in charge of the Viridian Gym. As he leaves his office, Togepi leaves as well. Back outside, Misty is hysterical looking for Togepi when they hear a familair chirping coming from inside the gym doors. Prying open the doors, they find Togepi! They also find Gary, who begins to tell Ash about the mystery Pokemon, when Jessie, James and Meowth arrive, announcing they are the new Gym Leaders! Ash challenges them, and Jessie takes him on with Giovanni's Machamp, Kingler and Rhydon. Ash uses Squirtle, but soon realizes the gym's new special feature... the platforms the trainers stand on make the trainer feel the pain the Pokemon feels! Jessie taunts Ash as Squirtle and Bulbasaur are beaten by Kingler and Rhydon. Gary tells Ash he can't possibly win, but Ash refuses to give up. He sends out Pidgeotto, which whips Rhydon, and Jessie finds out her platform is rigged like Ash's. She tries to cheat by using all the Pokemon, including Arbok and Weezing at once, but Pikachu's Thunder sends them running for cover. Ash defeat Jessie, but she refuses to give up the Earth Badge. However, Togepi manages to get its hands on the remote and begins to play with it, which blasts Team Rocket into orbit once again, with Jessie dropping the Earth Badge. Ash catches it and proudly pins it to his jacket!

Quotable Quotes
"You'll get scrambled!" ~Meowth, as Togepi goes walking on a ledge on a skyscraper.
"If I cried like that every time Ash lost a battle I'd be waterlogged!" ~Misty, scolding Gary's cheerleaders for crying after Gary lost his battle with Giovanni.

Did You Notice?...
Gary's badges are totally different from Ash's aside from his Boulder, Cascade and Rainbow Badges.
A picture of Mewtwo is on the wall in Giovanni's office.

Ash wins his eighth Gym Badge, the Earth Badge.
The first appearance of Mewtwo, and the first in a series of episodes that leads up to the first movie.
Who's That Pokemon?: Mr. Mime!
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