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Clefairy Tales
Episode #207>
Ash and his friends have stopped for some ice cream, when a Clefairy appears. Misty runs off after it to capture it. Ash and Brock follow, leaving behind their bags and ice cream. When they return, all their stuff is gone! They go to report the crime to Officer Jenny, but they find that the station is extremely crowded; they aren't the only ones missing stuff. A strange scientist named Oswald claims that the missing stuff is the result of aliens among them! As if to drive the point home, a UFO lands right in front of them! Two alien beings come out and take Pikachu from the stunned Ash's hands, the return to their craft. Pikachu is sealed into a glass container, and the aliens are revealed to be Team Rocket! Predictably, the UFO crashes, and Ash takes care of Jessie and James, but a Clefairy steals the still imprisoned Pikachu! Following Clefairy down a sewer, Ash and the rest discover a giant cavern with an even bigger spaceship! Brock rushes to tell Officer Jenny, while Ash, Misty and Oswald try to find Pikachu. Oswald deduces that the Clefairy have been stealing items to build their spaceship. Ash and Misty try to get Pikachu back, but find a group of Clefairy in their way! Ash is about to call out his Pokemon, when suddenly Jigglypuff shows up and attacks five Clefairy at once! Jigglypuff runs off after defeating the Clefairy, and Ash attempts to get Pikachu out of his glass case. Meanwhile, Jigglypuff and Oswald find the commanding Clefairy and find that Jigglypuff's marker is the Clefairy's control stick for the ship! After a Double-Slap battle, Jigglypuff gets its marker back and begins to sing, putting everyone to sleep, just as the ship begins to take off. The ship gets its power by pounding Pikachu on the head with a mallet and using the electrical attack to start its engines. Pikachu's blast is so powerful, it breaks the glass prison. Brock reaches the police station, just in time to see the Clefairy ship go by. The ship is out of control, and Ash, Misty and Pikachu use Bulbasaur's Vine Whip to pull themselves to saftey atop a skyscraper. The ship sails off and crashes not to far away, where Oswald thinks he's arrived on another planet... but it's just a lakeside camping ground, where the Clefairy begin to steal camping supplies...

Quotable Quotes
"It took me weeks to assemble that scanner! What will I do if I can't find the comic book I ordered it from?" ~ A frantic Oswald, after Misty breaks his alien scanner.
Beneath the city
Misty: "Pikachu's gone, let's go!"
Ash: "Very funny."

Did You Notice?...
Brock's backpack is on the UFO, but Ash and Misty don't have it when they escape. Brock mysteriously has his backpack back in the next scene.
A Caterpie is painted on the ice cream shop sign.
Team Rocket's alien language, "Nomekop", is actually "Pokemon" spelled backwards.

Who's That Pokemon?: Arcanine!
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