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The Misty Mermaid
Episode #206>
Misty's Horsea is feeling a bit blue, and Misty decides that it needs more room to swim around than in park fountains. Brock suggests going back to Cerulean City and letting Horsea swim around Misty's Gym for a bit. Misty agrees it's a great idea and calls her sisters to let them know she's coming. When they arrive in Cerulean City, they find the town is plastered with posters for an underwater ballet, featuring the Mermaid Princess. Ash notices the Mermaid looks a bit familiar. When they reach the gym, they find that Misty's sisters are putting on the ballet, and that Misty is the star! Misty reluctantly accepts and begins to rehearse. Meanwhile, Team Rocket sees the posters and decides to steal the Water Pokemon. The next day, the show opens. The entire ballet takes place in a glass tank suspended where the audience can watch. Misty dives underwater with her Pokemon and performs. With some cleverly hidden air pockets and breathing devices, Misty is able to stay under the entire time. Lily and Violet, playing the villains, are about to join her, when Team Rocket captures them and takes their place. They put on their own breathing masks and begin to battle Misty. Brock and Ash recognize Team Rocket, and quickly jump in as well. As they all battle, Meowth crashes through the roof in the balloon and begins to drop nets to capture the water Pokemon. Just as it seems like Team Rocket is about to win, Daisy's Seel jumps in a begins to battle Arbok. As they battle, Seel evolves into Dewgong! Dewgong uses Aurora Beam to freeze Team Rocket, then sends them flying by smacking them with its tail. Jessie and James crash into Meowth and the balloon, and they all go blasting off. The crowd cheers and everyone takes a bow. The next day, ticket sales are through the roof, and the sisters tell Misty she doesn't have to stay around anymore. They ask if they can keep her Horsea and Starmie to use in the show, and she agrees, but can't manage to let them take Psyduck. Ash then heads toward Viridian City to claim an Earth Badge!

Quotable Quotes
"And next time we steal mens' clothes!" ~James, as he and Jessie make their appearance with James wearing a dress.

Did You Notice?...
A second of footage is accidentally misplaced between scenes where Ash is commenting on the size of the line to see the show.

Who's That Pokemon?: Horsea!
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