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Beach Blank-out Blastoise
Episode #205>
Ash, Misty and Brock are rushing to catch the ferry off Cinnabar when Ash runs right into a Wartortle on the beach. The Wartortle tries to tell Ash something, but Ash can't figure it out. Ash calls out Squirtle to translate. Squirtle talks to Wartortle and then pulls out his old sunglasses (ep. 112) and he and Wartortle run to the water and start swimming out. Ash, Brock and Misty grab a boat and follow them. Arriving at a huge island, they find lots Squirtle and Wartortle sleeping in their shells. In the middle of them all is a huge sleeping Blastoise. Ash walks up to Blastoise, but as he stands next to it, he suddenly passes out. Brock and Misty try to revive him, but the only thing that wakes him and the other Water Types up is a Thundershock from Pikachu. Squirtle asks the Blastoise what is wrong and Blastoise pulls out his Water Cannons from his shell. Something pink is stuck inside. Squirtle tries to pull it out, but when he pokes it, a very familiar melody comes out and everyone falls asleep again. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is out in their Gyarados sub, plotting to steal Blastoise. Meowth goes to the island to tie the Blastoise to the sub, but he falls asleep too. Jessie and James pull Meowth back, then use a plunger gun to pull Blastoise to their sub. As they dive down into the sea, they all argue over who will get credit for capturing Blastoise. Their arguing alerts the pink blob inside Blastoise's cannon (by now you should know that it's Jigglypuff) which begins to sing, putting them to sleep and the Gyarados sub sinks to the bottom of the ocean. Back on the island, the Squirtles and Wartortles wake up and begin to search the sea for Blastoise. They find the sub and bring it back to the beach, where Blastoise is saved and Team Rocket is rescued. Team Rocket proclaims they will capture Blastoise and transform the sub into a tank. Blastoise gets Jigglypuff out of his Cannon and blasts Team Rocket away with his Water Gun. Jigglypuff tries to thank them by singing a song, but when everyone falls asleep, it gets mad and draws on everyone's face.

Quotable Quotes
"They're our mortal enemies! Don't thank them! ~Jessie, as James thanks Ash for saving their lives.

Who's That Pokemon?: Horsea!
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