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Volcanic Panic!
Episode #204>
Picking up from the last episode, Ash and Pikachu face a powerful Magmar! Magmar's Fire Blast almost knocks Pikachu into the lava, forcing Ash to forfeit the match. Ash asks when he can return for a rematch, but Blaine informs Ash that HE might not be back. As Ash heals Pikachu in the hot springs, Team Rocket is plotting to steal the powerful Magmar. Using Freeze Guns, they enter the volcano arena and blast Magmar, freezing him solid. However, the ice encasing Magmar melts. Team Rocket panics, and they blast the entire arena, covering the volcano in ice. Unfortunatly, the hot lava causes the ice encased walls to crack, and the volcano is in danger of erupting and covering all of Cinnabar Island! Blaine gets Magmar to try to stop the lava flow with rocks, but Magmar alone can't do it. Charizard then pitches in, more than likey to try to prove that it is just as good as Magmar. Brock sends in his heat-resistant Geodude and Onix to block the crack, and Staryu and Squirtle help cool them off. After sealing the volcano, Blaine allows Ash another chance to win the Volcano Badge. Ash isn't sure which Pokemon to use, but to his surprise, Charizard wants to fight! Charizard and Magmar have a firey battle, with the battle taking place both under and above the volcano. In the end, Magmar is defeated by Charizard's Seismic Toss, and Ash wins his seventh badge!

Quotable Quotes
"We'll have a frozen Magmar-ita!" ~James, as Team Rocket plans to freeze and steal Magmar.

Did You Notice?...
Misty calls out her Starmie, but Staryu comes out instead.

Ash wins his seventh Gym Badge, the Volcano Badge.
Who's That Pokemon?: Paras!
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