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Riddle Me This

Episode #203>

Ash and his friends are riding on a boat headed towards Cinnabar Island when he runs into Gary. Gary tells Ash there is no reason to go to Cinnabar Island, because all it is now is a tourist trap. Determined, Ash goes on to Cinnabar, only to find that Gary was right.... all that's on the island is resorts and souvenir stands. They find a stranger who speaks in riddles; Ash can't figure them out, but Misty can, as usual. The man congratulates Misty and gives them a card for his hotel. The group continues to look for a place to eat and stay, only to find everything is full. Ash looks at the card the man gave him and Misty solves the riddle written on the card which leads them to the Big Riddle Inn. The stranger they met gives them free room and board for solving his riddle. While the group eats dinner, the man gets a call about people in a balloon stealing Pokemon from the Pokemon Lab. Ash knows its Team Rocket and rushes off to stop them. Pikachu and Pidgeotto fly up to Team Rocket's balloon, giving them a big shock and saving the Pokemon. The man, grateful to Ash, gives him another riddle, telling him that the Gym Leader Blaine had built a secret gym "Where a firefighter could never win". As they try to figure out the answer, Ash, Misty and Brock relax in the hot springs of the island. Togepi climbs up a pipe that controls water in the spring and triggers a switch which opens up a cave near the springs! Ash and the others quickly get dressed and check it out, and discover a gym arena suspended over the boiling lava! The stranger is in there as well, and reveals himself to be Blaine! Blaine challenges Ash to a battle. Ash thinks he has an advantage with his Squirtle, but Blaine's Ninetales is too much for it. Ash tries to fight fire with fire with Charizard, while Blaine brings out Rhydon, but of course, Charizard refuses to obey. Ash brings out Pikachu, who shocks Rhydon. Blaine brings out his last Pokemon, the powerful Magmar. As Pikachu fights Magmar, the episode ends...

Quotable Quotes
"It's just a bunch of souviner stands!" ~Ash, upon arriving on Cinnabar Island.

Did You Notice?...
Team Rocket's cookies are shaped like Meowth's head.

Who's That Pokemon?: Magmar!
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