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The Purr-fect Hero
Episode #202>
Traveling into a town, Ash and the gang find out that it's Kids Day, a day that they all love. They arrive at a school where a school teacher mistakes them for the trainers she hired to show their Pokémon to her class. Brock jumps at the chance to help a pretty lady, and volunteers his, Misty's and Ash's Pokémon for her class. The kids are excited to see all different kinds of Pokémon. Misty notices a small boy named Timmy off by himself. She asks him why he won't play with the Pokémon and he tells her he only wants to play with a Meowth, because a Meowth saved him from a wild Beedrill. Team Rocket shows up once again, dressed as magicians, intent on stealing Pikachu again. They perform some magic tricks for the kids, then ask Pikachu to volunteer for a trick. Team Rocket places Pikachu into a box and Meowth pops back out, which makes Timmy excited because he thinks Team Rocket's Meowth is the Meowth who saved him. Ash recognizes who they are and demands they return Pikachu. Team Rocket tries to begin a battle, but the other kids climb all over James and tug on Jessie's hair. Timmy chases Meowth to try to hug him, and knocks over the box. Pikachu is released but Timmy falls in and gets trapped inside. James calls out Weezing and in the smoke screen, they run off with the box holding Timmy. Ash finds Pikachu, but Timmy is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Jessie and James find out that they caught a kid instead of a Pikachu. Timmy cries, but stops when he sees Meowth. Meowth begins to tell Timmy he had the wrong Pokémon, but Team Rocket stops him, insisting that Meowth pretend to be the wild Meowth, because Team Rocket is not in the business of crushing children's dreams, at least not yet. Meowth pretends to rescue Timmy from Jessie and James and brings him back to the pre-school. Back at the school, Timmy introduces Meowth as the Meowth who saved him. As the kids pet and adore him, Meowth slips up and starts talking. Realizing he's blown his cover, he runs back to Team Rocket, with Ash and the kids close behind. Team Rocket and Ash begin a battle, during which an avalanche starts and threatens to crush Timmy and Ash. Suddenly, the wild Meowth springs into view and saves Ash and Timmy. Timmy takes the wild Meowth back as a pet, while Jessie, James and their Meowth walk on to Cinnabar Island.

Quotable Quotes
"Team Rocket may be rotten cheaters but we're not in the business of destroying children's dreams, at least, not yet. ~James, on why Meowth has to pretend to be Timmy's hero.

Did You Notice?...
The teacher's cell phone is shaped like a Chansey.

Who's That Pokemon?: Wartortle!
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