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The Breeding Center Secret
Episode #152>
Our heroes are enjoying the beautiful day when they see a commercial for a Breeding Center on a giant TV screen downtown. Misty decides to drop off her Psyduck, in hopes of possibly getting it a little smarter. But later, when the group goes to a restaurant, they find out they can eat for free if they have a Psyduck! With free ice cream on her mind, Misty rushes back to the breeding center, but when they get there, they find the front door locked. They go through the back door and find dozens of Pokemon in cages, including Misty's Psyduck! They spy in on the owners of the center, and find out they are actually Cassidy and Butch, two members of Team Rocket! Cassidy and Butch contact Giovanni and inform him that the Breeding Center scam is going to plan. While Cassidy and Butch talk to Giovanni, Todd takes pictures of the incaged Pokemon. Suddenly, Jessie, James and Meowth break in to steal the Pokemon and Cassidy and Butch discover all of them. Cassidy and Butch capture everyone except Misty and Pikachu, who manage to slip out the back door. Cassidy steals Todd's camera and calls Officer Jenny and tells her that Ash and the others were trying to steal the Pokemon. Jenny takes them all to jail, leaving it up to Misty to clear their names. The next day, Misty disguises herself and goes into the Breeding Center to get her Psyduck. As Cassidy goes into the back to get Psyduck, Pikachu slips out of Misty's jacket and finds the camera. Misty takes the developed pictures to Jenny, and Jenny apologizes for locking up the wrong people. Jenny raids the Breeding Center and arrests Cassidy and Butch. The Pokemon are returned to their rightful owners and Ash and company enjoy all the food they can eat at the restaurant. As they leave the city, Todd tells them he is going into the mountains to take more pictures. They go their separate ways, as Ash heads toward Cinnabar for his Volcano Badge!

Quotable Quotes
"It's an outrage! It took us months to find a motto we could swipe!" ~Meowth, finding that Butch and Cassidy stole their motto.
Bringing In Psyduck
Cassidy: "Oh, it's so cute, don't you just adore those eyes? They're as bright and bouncy as ping-pong balls!"
Misty: "Yeah, and I wish I had a paddle."

Did You Notice?...
Psyduck's register number is "12".

First apperance of Butch and Cassidy.
James's Weepinbell evolves into a Victreebel, despite the fact we never saw him catch a Weepinbell.
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