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The Ultimate Test
Episode #151>
Ash and the gang are enjoying a nice picnic, when Misty comments that Ash hasn't won a Badge in a while and wonders if he ever will. Ash and Misty begin to argue when Todd suggests Ash take an exam and be entered into the Pokemon League automatically. Ash decides to give it a shot, and they go to get him registered. While there, Ash spots two very familiar looking strangers. It's none other than Jessie and James in disguise, trying to add to their resumes. The first two exams are written exams, with very tough true and false questions and impossible identification problems. Jessie gets fed up with the questions and storms out of the exam room, expelling her from the class. In the end, the scores are displayed, and Ash's score is near the bottom of the class, with Jessie and James taking up the lowest spots. Ash is dismayed at first, but decides he will have a chance to redeem himself during the battle exam. James takes the battling exam, but gets himself expelled as well when he tries to double team on the instructor. James wanders off in self-pity, but Jessie and Meowth find him and let him in on their revenge plans. Meanwhile, Ash is battling against the instructor, and has to use randomly picked Pokemon. The first Pokemon he calls out is... a Weezing! Ash battles against the instructor's Flareon, and knocks it out! Then he calls out another Pokemon... a Arbok! He tries to get Arbok to wrap around a Jolteon, but the spikes on Jolteon hurt Arbok. Finally, Ash calls out... a Meowth! Team Rocket's Meowth calls out battle advice to Ash to battle the Vaporeon, but the other Meowth is frozen solid by Vaporeon's Ice Beam! Meowth gets upset, jumps out and claws Ash's face, while Team Rocket bounds out onto the field with the Pokemon James used on the test. They command the Pokemon to attack, but the instructor tells the Pokemon to attack Team Rocket. Since he trained them, the Pokemon obey the instructor and send Team Rocket blasting off. Later on, the instructor tells everyone that Team Rocket disruped the testing process and they will have to start again. He asks Ash to try and take the test again, but Ash politely says no, saying that he prefers his own way to get into the Pokemon League.

Quotable Quotes
"Can't you ask me one question I know the answer to?" ~Jessie, as she fails her test.
"All right, shoot away. I want 8 x 10 glossies, and wallet sizes too." ~Brock, telling Todd to take pictures of Nurse Joy.
"I've been destroyed by Pikachu's attacks so many times I know them all by heart!" ~James, using a Pikachu in his battling test.
"Don't think of it as failing, think of it as not suceeding!" ~Meowth, comforting Jessie after James fails his battling exam.

Did You Notice?...
As Ash is registering, Todd takes pictures of a woman and her Oddish.
Jessie's resume includes being a: Hostess, Florist, Costume Designer, Wine Expert, Beautician and Style Consultant.

Jessie's age, 17, is revealed.
Who's That Pokemon?: Vulpix!
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