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Pokemon Paparazzi
Episode #150>
Ash and company are having a nice picnic when Ash suddenly sees what he thinks is the scope of a rifle in the bushes. He quickly pushes everyone to the ground and uses Squirtle to shoot his Water Gun into the bushes. A boy holding a camera leaps out of the bushes and tells them his name is Todd. He introduces himself as a Master Pokemon Photographer and says he was trying to take a picture of Pikachu. Todd tries to take a picture of Pikachu, but Pikachu gets so nervous he shocks Todd. Ash tells Todd that he can't take any more pictures of Pikachu, but Todd is determined too. He was hired by an elderly couple with a Meowth (guess who) to capture Ash's Pikachu on film. He tries several times, but each time Ash mangages to block his shot. Soon, Ash and company fall into a pit and Todd takes Pikachu's picture. He begins to help everyone out of the pit, when the bottom of the pit falls out and Ash plunges into an underwater river and is swept away. Todd and Pikachu jump down and chase Ash, and manage to catch him as the cave ends with a big waterfall. Team Rocket then pops up and grabs Pikachu, but Ash mangages to send them blasting off again with Bulbasaur and Squirtle. After everyone is safe and dry, Todd takes a picture of the whole group and decides to travel with them for a bit.

In the VHS release of this and the next two episodes, Todd's name is changed to Snap.
Who's That Pokemon?: Geodude!
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