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Case of the K-9 Capers
Episode #149>
During another day of walking to the next gym, Ash and company hear police officers cry out and see a robber run past them. Ash starts to send out Pikachu, but Pikachu freezes when he sees the robber has a gun. A Growlithe jumps onto the robber and knocks the gun out of his hand, and Pikachu jumps up and Thundershocks him. Ash congratulates Pikachu, but they are suddenly surrounded by Growlithe! Officer Jenny shows up and tells them that they were only training the Growlithe, and the robber was actually another police officer. Ash apologizes and Jenny shows him the training school where she trains the police Growlithe. Ash decides that he and Pikachu will train there too. But once they get out on the obstacle course, they find out they just don't have the right stuff. As Ash and Pikachu decide to give up, Team Rocket drops in and release gasses that disable the Growlithes sense of smell and that cause everyone's voice to become higher! Jenny orders the Growlithe to capture Team Rocket, but they don't understand her high pitched voice. Using special megaphones that make them sound like Officer Jenny and Ash, Jessie and James order the Growlithe to surround Ash, Jenny and the others. Jessie tries to trick Pikachu, but Pikachu knows who Ash really is. Team Rocket orders the Growlithe to attack Jenny. They knock her down but then they remember who trained and cared for them. The Growlithe turn on Team Rocket and chase them off. Jenny congratulates the Growlithe on a job well done, while Ash decides he and Pikachu aren't cut out for police work.

Quotable Quotes
"Oh, Pass me those pumps." ~James, as he and Jessie dress as Officer Jenny.

Did You Notice?...
When Jessie uses the megaphone to use Ash's voice, she sounds like Ash before she even turns the megaphone on.

TWho's That Pokemon?: Growlithe!
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