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Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden
Episode #148>
While battling a hiker in the mountains, Bulbasaur begins to feel weak and his bulb begins to glow. Ash rushes Bulbasaur to a Pokemon Center, where he finds out that Bulbasaur is just getting ready to evolve! Nurse Joy tells Ash that around the same time each year, Bulbasaur from all over the world gather in the legendary Mysterious Garden for an evolution festival, where they evolve into Ivysaur. Ash is thrilled that Bulbasaur's evolving, but Bulbasaur doesn't seem too thrilled. That night, while everyone's sleeping, Bulbasaur sneaks out of the Pokemon Center. Pikachu wakes up, sees Bulbasaur missing, and tracks him down. They talk to each other, when Bulbasaur is suddenly grabbed by other Bulbasaur and carried off. Pikachu runs back to the Pokemon Center and tells Ash what happened. Ash and the others run off into the woods to find Bulbasaur. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is lost in the woods when they spot the Bulbasaur heading into the Mysterious Forest and decide to steal them.
Back with Ash, they follow Bulbasaur's scent further into the woods, but the forest seems to be alive and trying to keep them out! After a couple of close calls, they make it to the Mysterious Garden! They see dozens of Bulbasaur and in the center of it all, a giant Venusaur! The Venusaur bellows out and the Bulbasaur begin to evolve, except for one... Ash's Bulbasaur! The Venusaur and the newly evolved Ivysaur demand Bulbasaur to evolve, but he refuses. Ash rushes to Bulbasaur's defense, saying that Bulbasaur should decide on his own when to evolve. Suddenly, Team Rocket appears in their balloon, and using a giant vaccuum, begins to suck up all the Ivysaur! As they capture the Pokemon, they taunt Ash and his Bulbasaur, calling them puny. Bulbasaur gets angry and uses a giant Solar Beam to burst the balloon! Team Rocket crashes down to earth, only to be blasted back into the stratosphere from Venusaur, Ivysaur and Bulbasaur's Vine Whips! Venusaur thanks Bulbasaur, and lets him decide to evolve when he wants to. As Ash, Bulbasaur and the others leave the garden, they watch it disappear to return next year.

Quotable Quotes
"That makes a thousand badges!" ~Ash, dreaming before Pikachu wakes him up.
"I think its bite's as bad as its bark!" ~James, as Team Rocket is attacked by the forest.
Following the trail of pollen
James: I feel another sneeze coming on. I hate this sparkly stuff!"
Jessie: "And I'm allergic to your whining!"
Meowth: "Yer both givin' me a rash!"

Did You Notice?...
When Ash runs to check on Bulbasaur after Bulbasaur is kidnapped, he is wearing socks, but as he runs it sounds like he's wearing shoes.

Who's That Pokemon?: Ivysaur!
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