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Who Gets To Keep Togepi?
Episode #147>
Stopping by a Pokemon Center, Ash finds a message from Prof. Oak waiting for him. Ash calls Oak, who tells him about a new Pokedex upgrade and downloads new information into Ash's Pokedex through the videophone. After, Ash and the others stop by a cafe and discuss what is in the egg they've been carrying around. Team Rocket pops up, disguised as egg salesmen and they steal the egg and run off. When they reach their hideout in the woods, Meowth decides to hatch the egg. He lays on the egg to keep it warm, polishing it and even sleeping with it! Jessie and James are surprised that Meowth could be so motherly. Meanwhile, Ash and the others track down Team Rocket and break into the cabin, demanding the egg back. A battle ensues, which causes the egg to fly into the air. Everyone watches helplessly as the egg plummets to the ground when Pikachu catches it at the last second. Ash takes the egg when it begins to hatch. Just as it hatches, Misty shoves Ash out of the way and holds the newborn Pokemon. The Pokemon looks at Misty and begins to coo. Everyone is releived that the Pokemon is okay, when suddenly they remember they were in a battle! Pikachu quickly shocks Team Rocket and the kids run off with the egg, leaving the attached Meowth very upset... Back at the park, Ash checks his Pokedex and finds out the Pokemon is called a Togepi. Ash, Brock and Misty argue among each other over which one of them would keep Togepi when Meowth appears, saying he did more for Togepi than all of them. They all decide to have a tournament to decide who would keep Togepi. Brock and Meowth fight first, with Brock using Onix and Meowth using... himself. Somehow Meowth mangages to defeat Onix, leaving Brock out of the tournament. Next, Ash and Misty battle, but Misty loses when Psyduck pops out at the wrong time, leaving Ash versus Meowth. Meowth vows to win back Togepi, but goes down hard after a Thunder Attack from Pikachu. As Jessie and James drag Meowth away, Meowth sadly says goodbye to Togepi. Ash cheers and picks up Togepi, but Togepi gestures toward Misty. It turns out that Togepi prefers Misty, since she was the first thing it saw when it was born, it thinks Misty is its mother! Misty is thrilled to have a new Pokemon, while Brock and Ash are a little disappointed.

Quotable Quotes
"We have a proud tradition of failure to uphold!" ~James, as Jessie and Meowth scheme to steal the egg.
"I don't believe my eyes..." ~Ash, as the egg salesmen dance for them.
Meowth Is Defeated
Jessie: "I knew Meowth would lose."
James: "The heroes always get the brakes."

Did You Notice?...
Oak's letter to Ash is decorated with Gym Badges.
Jessie holds a rubber mallet as she kicks James.
Inside the cabin, Jessie has her gloves off, but after Meowth hits James with a frying pan, she has them back on.
Meowth's sleeping bag is decorated with charms like the one on his head.

Who's That Pokemon?: Aerodactyl!
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