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So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd
Episode #146>
The kids stop for a quick break on their journey to Cinnabar Island, and while Misty takes five on a rock, Brock and Ash go off to fill up their canteens. By herself, Misty hears a rustling in the bushes and out pops a Farfetch'd! Farfetch'd shows off for Misty, and Misty, thrilled to see such a cool Pokemon, decides to capture it and gives chase. Farfetch'd leads her into the woods and around a blind bend. Misty then crashes into a boy and they both fall to the ground. The boy apologizes and gives Misty her backpack that she dropped and then runs off. Misty, now having lost Farfetch'd, goes back to the campground and tells Ash and Brock what happened. Brock gives her a canteen and she opens her pack to put it in, but she quickly finds it's full of rocks! The boy had taken her pack and her Pokeballs too! Back in the woods, the boy and Farfetch'd are chuckling over their latest haul when they spot Team Rocket wandering around. The boy tricks Team Rocket into thinking he wants to trade Farfetch'd to them. He leads them to a river and then runs back into the woods, saying he forgot something, leaving his bag and Farfetch'd behind. As usual, Team Rocket decides to cheat and grab Farfetch'd and the bag, hop into a nearby boat, and take off. However, the boat has a hole in it and begins to sink. Team Rocket is washed away, while Farfetch'd swims back with their Pokeballs! Meanwhile, Ash and the others have found Officer Jenny, who tells them that she's had a lot of backpack stolen because of the boy and his Farfetch'd! They decide to track him down. Meanwhile, the boy decides to leave the forest before he gets any trouble, when Team Rocket comes back! They are furious until he apologizes and gives them a suitcase full of Pokeballs! They happily take it and fly off, just as Ash and Officer Jenny arrive. Jenny demands the Pokeballs back, while Ash wants to teach the boy a lesson in a Pokemon battle. The boy insists that Farfetch'd is too weak to battle, but Farfetch'd wants to battle anyway. The boy is surprised as Farfetch'd battles Bulbasaur and wins! He tells them that he never would have resorted to stealing if he'd known that Farfetch'd was strong enough to battle. He returns everything he stole and promises never to steal again, knowing that Farfetch'd is strong enough to help him. Meanwhile, Team Rocket discovers that the bag of Pokeballs is actually a bag of... Voltorb!

Quotable Quotes
"It tastes good, and has good taste!" ~James, as Farfetch'd performs for Team Rocket.
"He tricked us two times in one episode!" ~Meowth, discovering the bag of Pokeballs is actually Voltorb.
Truth or Dare
Misty: "I'm telling the truth this time!"
Ash: "THIS time?"

Did You Notice?...
Farfetch'd and its owner both have the same spikes in their feathers/hair.

Who's That Pokemon?: Farfetch'd!
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