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Holy Matrimony!
Episode #145>
Traveling along an isolated road, Ash and company find a sign with a picture of a lost boy on it. Ash notices that the boy in the photo looks like James! A limo pulls up and a man pops out of the window and asks if they've seen the boy in the photo. When Ash responds yes, the man pulls the group into the limo and speeds off. Meanwhile Team Rocket sees the sign. Jessie and Meowth think James looks like the boy in the poster, but James is reluctant to think he is that boy. Ash and the rest arrive at a huge mansion, where the man reveals that he is the butler of the house. He also tells them that James's parents have just died and James has 24 hours to return and inherit the estate or it will all go to charity. Team Rocket is sneaking around outside the house and overhear the butler. Jessie and Meowth decide that James should go and claim the money for the good of Team Rocket, but James refuses. Ash and company wander outside and wonder how to find James and tell him the news when Team Rocket drops in, with Jessie and Meowth fighting with James. James tells them he can't remember anything before joining the Bike Gang, but Jessie insists that he go inside. Jessie and Meowth tie James up, put him in a suit and put on disguises they think make them invisible. They force him inside where the butler greets him. Team Rocket approaches the caskets of James's parents when suddenly they jump out from them! His parents aren't dead after all, it was just a trick to get him to come back and marry his fiance! James struggles even more, but Jessie and Meowth can only think of the money. Mom and Dad bring James upstairs to see his fiance Jessibell, who looks just like Jessie! Jessiebell is thrilled to see James, but James hates to see Jessibell. Jessibell tells James to come into the basement to see all of his inheritance. Jessie and Meowth, with dollar signs in their eyes, force James to follow her down. But when they reach the basement, there is no money, just a bunch of training equipment! Jessibell and James's parents reveal that they could see Jessie and Meowth all along, but needed them to force James into the house. Jessibell uses a Vileplume to put James, Jessie and Meowth to sleep, and the butler throws Jessie and Meowth out of the house with Ash and company. They all wonder what will happen to James when they hear something coming from a nearby building. It's James's Growlithe Growly! Growly breaks into the mansion and scoops up James from the advancing Jessibell and everyone hides inside the other building. James tells everyone that he knew Jessibell when he was a little boy and that she was always trying to change him, which was the reason he ran away from home. Suddenly, Jessibell blasts her way into the building, sending Jessie and Meowth flying off. Jessibell tries to put James to sleep again, but Growly jumps foward and burns her and Vileplume with Flamethrower. Jessibell runs away screaming, and James decides to leave, telling Growly to stay and take care of his parents. Later on, Jessie and Meowth are walking down the road, figuring James decided to stay behind after all, when James calls out to them from the balloon. He picks up Jessie and they promise to stay friends forever. Meanwhile, Jessibell is chasing after Ash and company, hoping to be able to track down James again.

Quotable Quotes
"We only want what's best for us, uh, I mean you!" ~James's mom, forcing him to marry Jessibell.
Ball N' Chain
James: "I've got to escape!"
Jessie: "Oh, no James, you're tying the knot!"
Meowth: "Heh! Jessie means you're tyin' the 'noose'!"

Did You Notice?...
James's line "It was a dark and stormy night..." at the beginning of his story is a reference to the novel Snoopy writes in the Peanuts comic strip.

James's Growlithe "Growly" is the first nicknamed Pokemon shown on the series.
Who's That Pokemon?: Vileplume!
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