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A Chansey Operation
Episode #144>
While taking a break in a park, the kids discover something's wrong with Pikachu... he has something stuck in his throat! The nearest Pokemon Center is miles away, so instead they take Pikachu to a local hospital. The only doctor in the hospital, Dr. Proctor, isn't too keen on the idea of treating a Pokemon, but Misty manages to change his mind. He treats Pikachu, and finds out that an apple was lodged in its throat. After he removes the apple, Dr. Proctor tells the kids to leave when Nurse Joy calls through the video phone. She informs him there was an traffic accident involving a lot of Pokemon and that some of the Pokemon were being sent to the hospital. Proctor reluctantly agrees to help, and Ash, Misty and Brock offer their services as well. As the Pokemon arrive, the kids find out that Team Rocket's Arbok and Weezing were hurt in the accident and are at the hospital too. Jessie begs Proctor to help her Arbok, when Ash tells him that she and James are bad guys. Proctor tells Ash that it isn't a doctor's job to judge, but to help a person or Pokemon in need. Ash relents and Jessie and James help out with the injured Pokemon too. As they treat more injured Pokemon, Proctor accidently gets injected with sedative and falls asleep, leaving it up to Ash and the others to treat the rest of the Pokemon. As they finish up, Team Rocket decides it's time to go back to being bad and captures the kids, and prepare to steal the Pokemon. Just then, Proctor awakens and manages to scare off Team Rocket by showing off his surgery tools. All the Pokemon are healed and everyone's learned a lesson about taking care of others. Even Proctor learns that Pokemon are just as important as people are.

Quotable Quotes
"I knew I should've been a lawyer..." ~Dr. Proctor, leaving the exam room.
"I don't like this guy, he sounds like me!" ~Brock, after hearing Dr. Proctor hitting on Nurse Joy.
"We're bad, not insensitive!" ~James, to Ash, as he and Jessie bring their Pokemon to the hospital.

Did You Notice?...
The rice bowl Chansey gives Meowth is decorated with Gyrarados carvings.
The scene where Proctor is injected with sedative was edited from broadcast.

Who's That Pokemon?: Arbok!
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