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Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon
Episode #143>
While passing through Grandpa Canyon, Ash and company notice a lot of people digging around. Gary shows up and tells Ash that everyone is digging for Pokemon fossils, and proclaims he will find all the fossils. Ash decides to go and find a fossil before Gary does, but before he can, he, Brock and Misty overhear Team Rocket plotting to blow up the canyon and collecting all the fossils. While Brock and Misty run to warn everyone to clear out of the canyon, Ash and Pikachu try to stop Team Rocket, who have already lit the fuse. Ash uses Squirtle to try and chase down and put out the fuse, with Team Rocket chasing close behind. But they are all too slow and reach the explosives just as they go off, sending them all plummeting down into a cave below. The shockwaves cause an avalanche of boulders, which seal off the hole they fell down, their only way out. Squirtle manages to escape the explosion and tells Brock and Misty what happened, and they begin to dig to get Ash and Pikachu out.
Meanwhile, down below, Ash and Team Rocket are fighting over whose fault all of this was when they are suddenly interrupted by glowing red eyes, which turn out to belong to prehistoric Pokemon, Kabuto, Kabutops, Omanyte and Omastar! Jessie and James are thrilled at the thought of capturing such rare Pokemon, but the Pokemon aren't so thrilled to have anyone disturb them. The prehistoric Pokemon chase Ash and Team Rocket all over the cave, until they suddenly leave. Then they see something even scarier than the others... an Aerodactyl! Ash's Charmeleon tries to battle it, but it is quickly knocked over. Aerodactyl grabs Ash and begins to fly off, and Pikachu and Charmeleon grab onto it's tail. Aerodactyl bursts through the rocks, dropping Pikachu and Charmeleon to the ground, and lands on a ledge with Ash still in it's clutches! Charmeleon begins to shout at Aerodactyl, pointing at the bruise Aerodactyl gave him, and gets even angrier when Aerodactyl taunts him! Charmeleon starts fuming and begins to glow, evolving into Charizard! Charizard flies off and begins to chase Aerodactyl and Ash, who is getting char-broiled by Charizard's flame attacks.
Back down below, Jigglypuff shows up again and Misty gets her to sing to put Aerodactyl to sleep! Jigglypuff begins to sing and everyone starts to fall asleep, except Charizard, who blocks his ears with his hands. Aerodactyl falls asleep and drops Ash, and Charizard catches him as they both land and fall asleep, while Aerodactyl falls back into the cave, and the cave seals itself up again. When everyone wakes up, they are covered with marker marks, of course, and Ash has also found a strange egg... It's a happy ending for everyone, except for Team Rocket who is still trapped underground with the prehistoric Pokemon!

Quotable Quotes
"I could get my own talk show or maybe my own cartoon!" ~Meowth, upon discovering the ancient Pokemon.
"Listen Ash, you'd better hold on! Don't forget you still owe me a new bike! ~Misty, as she digs for Ash.
Fresh Air
Misty: "If they've been lying underground for thousands of years, maybe they'd like a little fresh air!"
Ash: "I think it's your brain that needs fresh air."

Did You Notice?...
A scene where Meowth uses a lighter to light the fuse was edited from public broadcast.

Who's That Pokemon?: Kabutops!
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