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The Song of Jigglypuff
Episode #142>
Ash and crew arrive in Neon City, a bustling town where no one sleeps... and everyone's cranky! After a run in with some unfriendly locals, they find a hotel and spend the night. The next morning, they find that not much has improved. No one in town gets much sleep so they are short tempered and mean. The kids walk into the forest when they find a Jigglypuff! Misty tries to capture it, but only makes Jigglypuff cry. Through a bit of interpritation, they find out why Jigglypuff's so sad... it can't sing! Misty promises to help Jigglypuff regain it's voice. Team Rocket bursts onto the scene declaring that they will steal Jigglypuff to put everyone in Neon Town to sleep and rob them blind, but a few swift attacks from Bulbasaur and Staryu send them running off. Later on, after trying several unsuccessful methods of restoring Jigglypuff's voice, Brock recommends a special throat healing fruit. The fruit works wonders and Jigglypuff gets its voice back! Jigglypuff sings for everyone, but the song puts them all to sleep! Upset, Jigglypuff goes into Ash's backpack, grabs a marker, and draws on everyone's faces! When they wake up and discover that they fell asleep, they decide to try different Pokemon to see who can stay awake to hear Jigglypuff's entire song. None of them can. Ash then decides to get Jigglypuff to sing to everyone in Neon Town, since they never sleep. They look for an outdoor stage, but can't find one, until Team Rocket, disguised as punk rockers, provide them one, hoping that the town will fall asleep so they can rob them. Jigglypuff begins to sing and everyone in town falls asleep, including Team Rocket! When everyone wakes up (with marks on their faces), Jigglypuff is gone, but everyone in town is in a much better mood, thanks to Jigglypuff's song! Even Team Rocket, though they lost again, feels chipper! As they go on to the next town, Misty wonders if they will ever see Jigglypuff again, little knowing it's following close behind!

Quotable Quotes
Team Rocket's Song
You know us as Team Rocket and we fight for what is wrong,
We're tired of our motto so we thought we'd try a song!
The speed of light, prepare to fight!
Meowth, daaaaat's riiiight!
I am the handsome one,
I'm the gorgeous one!
Looking good is lots of fun,
we get some things wrong, but we keep rolling along!
We want to capture Pikachu, we hope to do it soon,
And then we'll be the new stars of this cartoooon!

Did You Notice?...
Two scenes of Jessie and James getting beaten up by citizens of Neon Town were edited from broadcast.

In the original draft of the show, Ash was given a Jigglypuff as his first Pokemon!
Who's That Pokemon?: Jigglypuff!

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