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The Problem With Paras
Episode #141>
Team Rocket is following Ash once again, when they find Meowth is sick with a fever. Jessie scolds Meowth for being sick when a girl shows up and yells at Jessie and James for treating Meowth so poorly. She quickly fixes up a herbal medicine and gives it to Meowth, and his fever is gone almost instantly. The girl gives Jessie some more herbs to give Meowth and runs off. Meowth, saying she's the nicest human he's ever met, falls in love with her. Meanwhile, Ash and company stop in a small store for supplies, when they meet Cassandra, the same girl who helped Meowth! When she finds out Ash is a Pokemon Trainer, she asks if he wants to battle her Paras. Ash agrees, but when he sees her Paras, he sees it's very timid and keels over from even the slightest attack from a Pokemon. When asked why she wants to evolve Paras, she tells them that she wants to use Parasect's mushrooms to make a new Pokemon potion to heal sick Pokemon. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is spying on them and Meowth decides to help Paras evolve so he would be helping Cassandra. Back at the shop, Ash decides to use Charmeleon against Paras, but Charmeleon ignores Ash's orders and burns Paras, who runs away into the forest. Paras runs into Meowth, who takes it back to Jessie and James. He asks them to help him give Paras confidence and they agree, hoping Cassandra might make them business partners if they help. Arbok and Weezing battle Paras, but Meowth secretly beats them, making Paras think it's won, making it very confident. When they hear Cassandra calling Paras, they hide in the bushes. When Cassandra sees how confident Paras appears, she asks Ash for another battle. Pikachu battles Paras, but throws the battle, making Paras even happier. Ash tries Charmeleon again, but once again Charmeleon ignores Ash's orders and brutally attacks Paras. Team Rocket comes out to cheer Paras on, but Charmeleon smacks them away with his tail and continues to attack Paras. As Charmeleon narrows in on Paras, Paras sticks out his claw and pokes Charmelon in the stomach, causing it to fall over. Paras is stunned and then evolves into Parasect! Happy that her Pokemon has new confidence, Cassandra hugs Parasect. Ash and company leave Cassandra and Parasect, promising to buy her super potion when she finally makes it big. But as they leave, Team Rocket comes crashing down. Cassandra patches them up, thanking them for helping Paras evolve. Meowth begins to offer to stay with her and become the company mascot, but Cassandra refuses to break up Meowth from Jessie and James. And besides, Cassandra's grandmother has already found a mascot... a Persian! Cassandra promises Meowth she will pamper the Persian just like she would pamper him, leaving Meowth and Team Rocket very depressed as they walk off into the sunset.

Quotable Quotes
"They're bigger losers that the guy who invented homework!" ~James, on Arbok and Weezing
"I'm a hero... but I got zero..." ~Meowth, after he is rejected by Cassandra
Smart Ash
Ash: "You're making a smart potion?"
Misty: "When you're done you should give Ash a taste."

Did You Notice?...
Team Rocket wears the pep squad outfits they first wore in #114.
Meowth knows Cassandra's name, even though we never hear her say it.

This episode was the first one broadcast nationally on Kids WB!
Who's That Pokemon?: Paras!
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