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March of the Exeggcutor Squad!
Episode #140>
Arriving in a town on the day of a carnival, Ash and Brock join in on the festivities, while Misty and Pikachu go on some rides and eat some ice cream. Hearing some shouting, Misty and Pikachu peer around a corner and see a Magician and his Exeggcute begging his assistant not to quit. She kicks the magician and walks off. Misty approaches the magician and he introduces himself as Melvin, and asks Misty if she could be his assistant for the day. Misty, hesitant at first, agrees to help out. When the show begins, the tent is almost empty except for a few people, including Brock and Ash! Melvin begins his magic show, but the small crowd is unimpressed. Eventually he gets one trick right, getting fire to spew from his cane, but it sets off the fire sprinklers. The crowd throws trash at Melvin, demanding their money back. Outside, Misty, Ash and Brock watch as the carnival manager fires Melvin. Misty tries to cheer Melvin up, telling him all he needs is a bit more practice. He tries some more tricks, but they fail too. The Exeggcute cheer Melvin on, but Ash says they don't seem to do very much. The Exeggcute get angry and hypnotize Ash. Melvin, realizing what happened, decides to use Ash to improve his act. He brings Ash into the woods and has him capture a group of Exeggutor, hoping to use them to hypnotize everyone into going to his show. Suddenly, Team Rocket shows up, planning to steal all the Exeggutor. They tie up Melvin, and his Exeggcute shout at Team Rocket, then gather together and evolve into Exeggcutor! Melvin's Exeggcutor and the other Exeggutor hypnotize Team Rocket, but they also hypnotize each other! Confused, they all start charging into town. Meanwhile, Brock and Misty come across Melvin and Ash, who has come out of his hypnosis. Melvin tells them what happened and they rush back into town, where the Exeggutor have rampaged through and are turning around and coming back. A bomb has been placed to blow up the Exeggutor when they come back around. Knowing he needs to wake them up, Ash uses Charmander's flame against the Exeggutor, but Charmander soon gets tired, but keeps on going. Misty tells Melvin to use his fire trick, but Melvin says he'd only mess up. Misty, enraged, tells Melvin that if Charmander can keep on going, Melvin should at least try. Melvin steps up and performs his trick, which actually works! The Exeggutor are awakened and saved from the bomb. All the Exeggutor return to the forest, except for Melvin's who gives him a hug. Suddenly, Charmander begins to glow and evolves into Charmeleon! Later on, Ash and the rest set off to the next Gym, while Melvin decides to keep improving to one day reach is dream... a show in Las Vegas!

Quotable Quotes
"Be quiet or I'll knock the cholesterol out of you!" ~James, to Exeggcute.
Kind Misty
Melvin: "You're a kind person, aren't you?"
Misty: "Well, no, not especially..."

Did You Notice?...
Melvin's ex-assistant wears a Vulpix costume

Charmander evolves into Charmeleon.
Who's That Pokemon?: Exeggcute!
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