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Showdown In Dark City
Episode #139>
Venturing into Dark City, the kids find out that Pokemon Trainers aren't welcome. They find out from a local inn keeper that two Gyms in town, the Yaz and Kaz Gyms, are fighting with each other to decide which will become an official Gym when the official Gym Inspector arrives. The bigger problem is that their fights are wrecking the entire town, which explains why no one in town is fond of Pokemon Trainers. A member of the Yaz Gym invites Ash and company to visit their Gym, and Ash agrees, hoping to possibly stop the fighting. When they visit the Yaz Leader, he sends out his Scyther, who slashes up Pikachu's ketchup bottle and the ketchup gets into Scyther's eyes, which enrages Scyther. The Yaz Leader, impressed, invites Ash to join up. Ash refuses and the entire Gym turns on him. The kids manage to escape back to the inn, where Ash figures out that both the Yaz's Scyther and Kaz's Electabuzz become enraged when they see the color red. When the Yaz and Kaz Gyms begin another street battle, Ash and the others dump barrels of Ketchup on the trainers, which make Scyther and Electabuzz attack their own trainers. After the enraged Pokemon are back in their Pokeballs, Ash asks them if they are ready to get along, but the Yaz and Kaz gyms only team up to take care of Ash. Suddenly, the Gym Inspector arrives and it's none other than Nurse Joy! She scolds the Yaz and Kaz leaders for fighting in such a way. They beg her forgiveness and she agrees if they start over from the beginning and do things right. They also turn to Ash for advice on becoming better Pokemon Trainers, which makes Ash even more confused than ever.

Quotable Quotes
Vulpix fries Team Rocket
Meowth: "Rare..."
Jessie: "Medium..."
James: "Well done..."
Boys: "Can we have your autograph...Pikachu?"
Ash: "Oh well. Pikachu really is the star..."

Did You Notice?...
Ash, Misty and Brock's use the names of foods for their fake names; Tom Ato, Ann Chovi, and Caesar Salad, respectively.

Who's That Pokemon?: Scyther!
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